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  1. Cadel's great win must go onto most of our lists of great sporting achievements. It made me think about fantastic Aussie performances I have seen. Here is my "Suitcase of Courage" all star team for a Triathlon of stirring performances Swim leg: Perkins winning from lane 8 in Atlanta 1996 - he wasn't ready to lose that day - stuff of legend Bike leg: No contest - Evans 2011 tour - enough said Run leg : Deek in Brisbane 1982 - running the legs off the Africans in the hills around St Lucia How anybody got a team to top this for guts and Aussie pride?
  2. Barry Hyphen


    Bloc Stealth Sunglasses - 3 Lens Pack from Wiggle are good value and quality at $50 and you don't have to worry about your $300 glasses all the time.
  3. A freidn of mine bought these for IMNZ - he was previously a DS racer man. He did a sensational time but he is such a strong runner he would have run well wearing gum boots http://www.asics.com.au/footwear/racing-sh...her-womens.aspx Ignore the "womens" in the url - the green ones are mens and the pink ones are womens
  4. What about setting her up on a wind trainer and practising until she is comfortable with the pedals no matter what brand you buy?
  5. Barry Hyphen

    Roth 2011

    Well done Tyno - great race and a great report. Sorry I couldn't be there supporting you like you were for me and the other Cycos at Port Mac. Enjoy your break and see you back at training soon. Cheers Barry
  6. TOP 10 RUN Times from Kona MEN 2:40:04 Mark Allen USA 89 2:41:03 Dave Scott USA 89 2:41:06 Pete Jacobs AUS 10 2:41:48 Luc Van Lierde BEL 96 2:41:57 Olivier Bernhard SUI 99 2:41:59 Craig Alexander AUS 10 2:42:02 Chris McCormack AUS 07 2:42:09 Mark Allen USA 95 2:42:09 Mark Allen USA 91 2:42:18 Mark Allen USA 92 I know it is only one leg of the Triathlon but Mark Allen stands the test of time in this leg. You have to discount the bike to some extent based on the rigs these blokes rode 20 years ago. The 89 race where they ran shoulder to shoulder and gave no quarter is still g
  7. It is pretty gutsy a man of your age sleeping for that long, it could become a habit and you may not wake up from it
  8. You must be a cockroach to like that fool Rabs. It would be nice to have a commentator just once call the game and not barrack it
  9. This is a tale of mental toughness not about Triathlon but about a very brave and determined lady. Her name is Jodie Fields. About 2 years ago Jodie climbed the mountain and was appointed Captain of the Australain Women's Cricket team. She is the Wicketkeeper. These guys are basically amateurs there is no big contract they get match payments and a small retainer. Jodie was batting for QLD and tore her hamstring from the bone and needed 2 operations to reconnect it. She then started her 10 month reabilitation. Didn't miss a physio session did all the gym work and stretches. Didn't gain
  10. This bloke would be banned if Uber had his way John Stephen Akhwari (b. 1938 in Mbulu, Tanganyika) was an Olympic athlete at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City. He represented Tanzania in the marathon. During the race he fell, badly cutting his knee and dislocating the joint. Rather than quitting, he continued running. He finished last among the 57 competitors who finished (74 begun the race). The winner of the marathon, Mamo Walde of Ethiopia, finished in 2:20:26, "Akhwari finished in 3:25:27, more than an hour after the winner, when there were only a few thousand people left in
  11. YoYo did a 10:04 with a 3:47 marathon and 7th in his AG, in the top 40 overall. I would say his legs covered his mouth OK today. Well done Shannon - never write off a QLDer.
  12. Yes an old car tube cut into rings does the trick. Be prepared to struggle though. The most important thing is not to quit and put your feet down, nobody I know has drowned doing this drill
  13. With kick my understanding is you are trying to be streamline. I usually kick with 1 arm out and 1 beside so I can kick on my side or front, alternating arms each 50. A lot of good swimmers don't swim flat on their tummy they roll from side to side as discussed in the Total Immersion method. At the end of the day join a good squad and get a good coach.
  14. Hi Trinewb This link shows an interesting video about different styles of freestyle. I realise a lot of of experienced trannies out there will have differing views and results to back up their opinions however I found the videos on this site interesting. Watching stuff like this is better than watching crap on TV and you can never learn too much about our sport. I always thought freestyle was freestyle however this video shows the subtle differences style can make. http://www.theraceclub.net/videos/freestyl...ight-technique/ Cheers Barry
  15. I have to agree with AP on this. I come from a non-swimming background and last August did the swim at Yeppoon HIm in 53 minutes. I have tried one on one coaching, read Total Immersion, watched the DVd and attended a TI workshop. They are great because they teach you about relaxing in the water and long easy strokes and easy kicking. What you can risk becoming is a relaxed slow swimmer. I joined the Cycos in October last year and found out that there is no substitute in swimming for doing the work in the pool. I have been doing the drills AP exposes in the post above and stopped
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