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  1. What about dumb asses procreating and stealing valuable oxygen? If they are allowed to do that, a little race doesn't matter!
  2. The swim caps are fairly generic so I think I can get one and put my own number on it. Or find a good spot to join the swim. Any recommendations on where on the Cairns course is a good place to do this? Then on the bike, I can get a mate to put an old steel bike and my shoes into the transition area. I'm normally a 50mins swimmer so when I get out of the water, I can pick a good bike and use my own shoes (shimano clips most popular?), that way, the other guy will have at least a bike and his shoes (will be funny seeing him explaining to the officials when the shoes fit and there is a bike). So
  3. I heard some really good things about Active Cycling. They don't sell bikes. Specialised in coaching and bike fit. www.activcyclecoaching.com/
  4. Did you see the other post? Urban Hotel all the way.
  5. With the high cost of triathlon these days, has anyone considered banditing a triathlon? Marathons and cycling races have been pretty easy but triathlons will require a bit more planning. Would love to hear other people's strategies and plans. Like where to jump into the swim, courses like Noosa probably have some good spots to sneak in. How to deal with size issues with bike and shoes etc...
  6. I heard they've cut their clothing budget.
  7. I mean look at MMA, Ronda Rousey is a judo specialist who went to the Olympics. She completely destroys the women in MMA using one move. I mean, specialist will always beat jack of all trade wannabes. But imagine her doing MMA from the get go.
  8. Come on, Australian marathons. Not exactly world class field.
  9. I wondered what happened to Erin, she was so hot back then. Probably still is.
  10. Doesn't change the fact that he is still a prick.
  11. Only 5 chicks in 18-24 age group. So 20% chance of Kona just by turning up.
  12. i mentioned this to a female colleague. She said its more like, it takes 6 times more men to do one woman's job...
  13. that's pretty bad ratio. Kinda like boarding school...
  14. Just looked at the participants list. 1200 male, 200 female. Is this normal? Is the better shopping in Melbourne and Cairns attracting all the females?
  15. Depends if he wears compression socks...
  16. For every old guy that won something at an advanced age, there are numerous other young ones that won it too. There are more Emily Seebohms than Dara Torres (..............). (comment removed : admin). PS: You seem to know very little as a 15 yo boy. Perhaps time to grow up.
  17. Was his attempt a proper one? Or he just ran the distance? I actually thing IM training has less impact than a 5km distance runner. Swimming and riding is low impact. IM running mileage is pretty low (50-100km) vs a 5km track runner who probably do around 100miles. In addition, IM training has little gym/speed work compared to swimming, cycling and running hence I think impact is less. Don't think those its the parent's bike. Most of the parents watching them are fat. Why are you up so late? Late night cookies?
  18. Clinchers, who races with clinchers? Its like having a vasectomy, but only tie one of the fellas.
  19. Clinchers, who races with clinchers? Its like having a vasectomy, but only tie one of the fellas.
  20. When did Haile Gebrselassie started running marathons? I remember him only taking up marathon after he retired from track. A lot of marathon runners do that. Finish with track and move onto marathon. They didn't start out as a marathon specialist. Look at Patrick Makau, he is more of a half to full marathon specialist. And he is only 25. What if 16/18 year old start out as an IM specialist, what would he/she achieve then? My point is that just IM is a progression of triathletes taking on longer distance because they can no longer keep up with the young ones, or comes from another sp
  21. Keep lying to yourself buddy.
  22. Exactly. I mean on an average day, Phelps probably won't win against top competition. But in IM, some of the guys that won have cramped up, struggling with one thing or another but still win because the second guy is 10mins slower. We need more sub 8hr pros, then only if we have more people doing tris.
  23. That's because they started the sport at 30! How old were you when you started?
  24. Agree with most of what you said but if there are 50 people at a race that can do 8 hours, and they're bunched together, times will drop.
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