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  1. Can anyone answer this. Today at lunch I signed up for Cairns and it’s Tier 4 entry ie: maximum price which means it’s filling up. 4 Tiers so you would think it’s minimum 75% full. Then tonight they post that Cairns is 50% full. So why are we paying maximum Tier 4 prices when it goes to Tier 4 in March/April unless it fills up earlier. Money grab?
  2. I have been doing Tri's for over 30 years. Most people (work and friends) I know have no idea i do them. I only talk about Tri's with people who I do tri's with. My take is...... what is important, exciting and fun to me is not the necessarily important, exciting and fun to others.
  3. I just check all races (Ironman OZ, NZ, Cairns) and it seems they are all filling up quickly. I also notice a considerable price jump. I am not like this pricing structure ie: Tier 1, 2, 3 & 4. Once upon of time races fillup and price increases were by date, now its by volume. ie: For Cairns as an example, they are at Tier 4 already when the date cutoff for Tier 4 is late April. So as of today you can only enter Tier 4 and its a hit of $1027.00 assuming you dont have to pay for a one day licence. Have to say...good for the sport or Ironman...not so good for my wallet.
  4. A friend also told me that when GST came into Australia it was a god send.......everyone would offer cash as they didn't want to pay the extra 10%
  5. Correct. I know a heap of tradies who have the best bikes, boats, impressive house and all declaring an income of around 30-40K per year. They tell me they and there accounts know the formaula in which to operate there beusiness ie: what does through the books and what doesn't etc. What shits me is that if I was to buy a $10K bike, I essentially have to earn around $18k to pay for it......they pay Cash. I also know a guy who did a reno about 10 years ago - cost about 400K.... most of it was cash....In the end the builder said...Mate....I can't take any more cash!!!
  6. Port 70.3 an hour ago said 100 spots left
  7. Because noone likes tough bike courses. Thats half the reason the Pro's have no interest in Port. If it was dead flat and smooth you would have a Pro field 50 deep.
  8. And at Nepean and club champs ...no spectators. Tell me someone hasn't got there head up there AR$e.
  9. A buff. I'd use it for skiing and riding in Winter. In fact i am liking them for genral wear around the neck on colder days....just takes this chill off. NSTC gave them out for rejoining the club last year. They are excellent.
  10. Ask any tradie....cash is King. But where i sit - we need to move to a cashless society. I am sick of paying high taxes.
  11. In that article that Dave posted there is a line that says: He is a grave danger to the US and the world." They were saying this 4 years ago also. The only thing thats has gotten worse is the Media's disadain for Trump and that is due to Trump treating them like the idiots they are. Regardless of the media outlet - they no longer report with out a hidden agenda one way or the other.
  12. Its generally the guy who work his but off that does the best and those who have the time to do that.
  13. OKay...Ill say it..... Whilst your points are both good. I think BB's point is a win in Kona still takes one of the best runs of the days. May not be the fastest but pretty fast. Apart from which I don't know why you are both pushing Wurf or Hansen....They will never win Kona....not unless they are already there and the rest of the field can't enter Hawaii. I reckon the field as Andrew #1 points out will be 'on' from the start, hence they know who they need to leave behind on the swim and they know who needs to be left behind when the run starts.
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