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  1. Hi all , this is Andrews wife - Dianne. Firstly, thanks to Mr Flower for keeping you all updated. I assume you are on one of the texting lists I am trying to keep in the loop. Please keep Andrew ‘Tranny’s’ updated. Guys, Andrew has sustained very serious head, face, spine and hand damage. He has undergone 4 surgeries during the week and they have now fixed all they can. He truly is an Ironman of sorts now as he is literally being held together with metal! Most concerning, and something that can not be fixed, is the spinal cord damage. He has very limited physical function. He hit a parked
  2. Pretty sure that’s not the trees MrF was referring to. He meant the trees closer to Sails Resort and before you get to that first bridge.
  3. You couldn’t pay me to go. Sadly I’ll be paying for it somehow.
  4. And how old is this guy looking. He looks like he is well into his 80’s can hardly walk.
  5. Please.....no one say Chris Cornell’s cover of Guns and Roses ‘Patience’. Worst cover ever!!!!!!!
  6. Generally pasta the night before .Spaghetti bol and an early sitting ie: 6pm. Last year at Husky...it was a chicken burger, chips and a corona!
  7. Just checked...... Sun sun and more sun with maybe a few clouds. Next rain is Wednesday. Sweet.
  8. Nope forecast for Sunday is sunny and 26. Monday Sunny and 30 degrees. Might see some rain Friday/Saturday.
  9. Dave. Your a shoe in. I’d employ you without an interview. Just be wary of the question..... Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  10. Saw on Facebook last night that it was actually someone from my Tri club - NSTC. Northern Suburbs Tri Club. ☹️
  11. Correct. That list also looks like it has non TA members taken out. In the official result my mate was 3rd and above he is second. Reads the disclaimer at bottom of page. Also if you go to the official website the list is much longer.
  12. IronmanFoz

    Worn rims

    I have been riding the same bike and wheels fiancé 2012. Rims have a slight concave edge to them. Time for a new set?
  13. Heard on the radio the road is closed between Brookly Bridge and Mt White due to bike crash. I assume that means worst case scenario. Live traffic also reports it was at 09:58. I rode to Brooklyn this morning and turned around 09:00. Hope it’s not a worst case scenario. Stay safe folks.
  14. Correct. It must be the ramp test. I think I did 2 lots of 1 min hard as, another 5 min hard later and then a final 20 mins then a 5-10 min cool down. I was cramping by the end of it. Note. The first time I got through about 30mins before abandoning because when doing it connected to my friends lap top etc it wouldn’t calibrate for the 20 min section. We then did it on his iPad - which didn’t seem to miss a beat.
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