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  1. 50k bike, 1250m swim, 9 holes of golf, a surf and an easy 7k beach run to round out the day.
  2. Not riding close enough to be in the creep zone but definitely in the draft zone. perhaps she should have tried to drop us. I know I would have.
  3. I was. My training bike. Sorry - late reply as I am away down the south coast.
  4. Thought of you this morning (see last paragraph). Rode from North Turramurra to Kurnell today - Pretty much Tt’d To North Sydney. Then Tt’d from super centre to Airport tunnel and then again downs the grand parade. Another TT session from the big round about on Capt Cook drive to Kurnell. As we were about to leave Kurnell this girl passed us with all the gear. I said to a mate let’s catch her and cruise for a bit in TT mode. As soon as we caught her I could see the shake of the bed - she didn’t like that we were on here wheel. After about 300 more metres she pulls over and let’s (tells us
  5. I was also lucky . 1st child (girl) slept through......though we only had her home after 6 weeks in hospital. 2nd child...after about 6 weeks he mostly slept. :)
  6. I have been doing Tri’s since 1989 and have never owned a road bike. 12 months ago I bought a Cervelo P5 Six. My mate bought me a Bike fit for Xmas last year which I did... never had one before. I always saw others doing them and they had all sorts of new stuff added etc for adjustment. Anyway.... prior to bike fit I bought some s-bend aero bars to replace the ski ramp bars. My other bike also had s-bend bars which I love because I can just get so much drive out of the bike in the aero position. Walked in to the bike fit..... straight away they said - we need to get rid of the s
  7. Nailed it. And don’t forget about all the people requesting sponsor ship for various events 5k through to marathon etc. You never hear if the finish or not and if they don’t.......do they give the money back?
  8. I hear you. I am in the same boat - shift worker the last 10 years.... (12 hour shifts). Garmin says my average sleep this week is 8hours. What it doesn’t know is I had 3 night shifts this week and my watch lay upstairs beside my bed so it thinks that I slept well. I reckon I am the king of minimum sleep and getting the most out of every day.
  9. The AP sarcasm is noted 😀. I know about sleepless nights. For about 10 years I used to average about 4-5 hours sleep a night. It catches up to you eventually and you need to. Few power naps in between. All I can say is one needs to work out for themselves what works best. Fit it in when you can fit it in. Things in the past I have done just to get it in: - Swim in Manly Dam under a full moon 21:30 at night. And I will again. - ride on the M7 at night after work ie: 8pm -00:30 (approx 130km) - run when kids in bed or when everyone is in bed.....9pm - 12pm And
  10. Agree...it’s all relative.... I have friends who play cricket....and it’s both Saturday and sundays. Others just play Saturday for 5-6 hours. At least if I head out on a Saturday at 4 or even 5am on a Saturday...I am home by either 09:00 or 10;00 am and then the days is free. My kids are older these days and I don’t have to ride so early but when I start to pull my finger out I will. These days I can be home at 10:30 and kids are just getting out of bed.
  11. A) some might say I need a god feed. And I like this look. 😀 b) I do most of my riding on the aero bars whenever I can. So getting aero for long periods is not an issue for me. But I get what you are saying. Serious question: Given your the expert here can you advise what you see as the 3-5 most important stretching exercises we should be doing. I certainly need the advice. And...oh.... feel free to post a pic of your physique so we all know what to be aiming for. You are being a bit presumptuous in your comments and I get it and tend to agree in some part
  12. Blind Vision - James Pittar. Went to school with him and his brother was in my year. He started going blind at age 12. He ended up becoming a marathon ocean swimmer. He is in the ocean swimming Hall of Fame. Amazing achievements - English Channel etc. We triathletes often think we are a bit special...... but this guy is totally amazing. His brother told me he still swims 5-6k every morning before work.
  13. Totally understand the 50 in 50 states... and the difficulties surrounding that and would be pretty cool to do but tough.. This time around all in one state...smarter move. Good luck to him.
  14. I have 2 kids..... there re not 20 and 17.... and they have never missed n Ironman whilst they have been live. Not sure why you starting point is but aka fitness but what I found is that every training session I essentially gin’s the clock. You CAN get by on 1 x training ride per week. My fastest ever ride at Forster was 5:15 on 1 ride per week. You CAN get by on minimal running and minimal swimming. But best if you train early and late. The earliest I ever got up was 03:00m. I ran home from work nd sometimes my long runs started feet kids went to bed ie; 9pm
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