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  1. Your mistake was buying a complete bike. Having been banned from buying any more bikes, my last 3 have been 'accidental'/too good to refuse frame purchases - and it'd be a waste not to build them up now...
  2. Ride the boulie to Chandler Hwy (northern end), turn left over the river, then right at Heidelberg Rd and head for Eltham and beyond.
  3. Still not working for me. Anyone having any luck with it?
  4. lucky7


    Don't drink at any of the bars/pubs at or near the casino. Just don't. Grab a pint at the Mitre Tavern in Bank Place.
  5. I do the reverse. Swim 200, but tell people I hit stop and swam another 4km...
  6. It took a few rides to get it right, but now it's just a matter of slipping them on and ever so slightly pulling tight before tying.
  7. Love the Giro Empires. Most comfortable cycling shoe I've used. I find the laces mean I can 'fine-tune' the fit much better than Velcro/ratchets.
  8. Make me an offer on one or both pairs - want these gone rather than having to pack them up and move with them.
  9. lucky7

    Bike Bells

  10. I'm a 45 in Sidi, Specialized and Giro - never worn Bonts sorry. But: This says a 44.5 Bont is between 280-281mm (depending on model): http://www.bontcycling.com/items/support/sizeChart.html This says a 45 Sidi is 275mm: https://www.bikechaincafe.com/sidi-size-guide/ That said, the above suggests that a size 11 fits the Sidi 45. I wear a 10.5 or 11 US depending on brand/model.
  11. Both pair are around 2 years old - one of a number of pairs I rotated through. Selling rather than packing them up for a move. WHITE PAIR - Genius 5 Pro with Carbon sole In great condition as can be seen from the photos. All ratchets and straps working perfectly. Carbon soles don't show much wear. The rubber heel pads were replaced a few months ago, and haven't been ridden since. There's a bit of chainring grease on the inside of the right shoe (photo 4). This could probably be cleaned off- I just haven't got around to it. Grease can't be seen while riding. A super stiff yet comfort
  12. Agree My breakfast alternates between scrambled eggs with baked beans and muesli/granola with fruit and yoghurt. If pushed for time, it's a smoothie. If really pushed for time, an Up n Go. For disaster times, a banana and double espresso.
  13. lucky7

    Oakley Prism

    Vision Direct are great on every level Prism Lens are likewise great. Do it!
  14. Get back to IM Melb/wedding day weight. Get fitness/conditioning back to do a 70.3 and be happy with it. Try hard not to hate swimming.
  15. Rode Runner Bike Repairs in Melbourne are worth looking up on Facebook. I've had 3 bikes done now.
  16. lucky7


    Does anyone know why, when riding with another person (or people), a segment doesn't always appear in both rides on Strava? Rode today with my BIL - and he has close to twice the number of segments listed as I do. I'm on a Garmin 910XT - he runs off his phone.
  17. https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/safety-and-road-rules/road-rules/a-to-z-of-road-rules/pedestrians
  18. I can't be arsed reading the road rules or regs at this time of night, but I'm pretty sure that's not the case. Definitely a number of instances where they don't. I think roundabouts are one example.
  19. I can't be arsed reading the road rules or regs at this time of night, but I'm pretty sure that's not the case. Definitely a number of instances where they don't. I think roundabouts are one example.
  20. Seems mine skipped the road between Cambarville and just outside Marysville - so ended up with 4000m vert. Pity there's no good way to edit Strava maps
  21. Cracking day out. Ambition/ability equation didn't work in my favour coming around the final bend at Cement Creek. Missed the Rock and landed in the stinging nettles, so a good outcome. Did anyone else have issues with Garmin tracking the ride? My total kms seem to be out - and elevation out too. Fingers crossed this ride. continues
  22. Yeah - I'll be dragging myself along at the back of the field. 107km with 2700m vertical gain. Going to be fun
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