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  1. Will they follow down the path that Cairns went today and give all international/interstate athletes an option to postpone?
  2. No mention of draft zones... I’m sure once you cough a few times it will get rid of the guy behind sucking your wheel.
  3. Kizza

    WS 70.3

    Thanks for the info. I'll be collecting mine tomorrow when I rack my bike. Cheers
  4. Kizza

    WS 70.3

    Did anyone receive a timing chip at check-in??
  5. Yes I've looked at the tow bar ones but I have a SUV and I think the tow bar ones would limit access whenever it is attached.
  6. I'm after some advice on what people are using to mount their bike to roof racks. I would prefer the 'Wheels on' style but I am worried about the clamping system on my carbon frame. What do you use/recommend? Cheers
  7. Kizza

    Training Log App

    Do you use an App to log your training? What App do you suggest?
  8. Get on board kids! I don't think many people will be motivated by his Ironman efforts, but the publicity for triathlon is a great thing. We are such minority as a sport, so good on him for giving it a crack.
  9. Kizza


    Anyone know what sort of fees are charged and also locations?
  10. They would both be well under 10%. Thats some seriously ripped abs
  11. City to surf use a urinal for guys which makes a huge difference. If only the Tri race organisers got onto this idea. Not everyone needs to do a number 2, but almost 100% of competitors need to do a number 1. Wet ones are my number 1 tip too
  12. Kizza

    2014 Kona count

    Good growth in the amount of power metres. I calculate roughly 33% of competitors in 2013 up to 40% in 2014.
  13. Kizza

    Shiv owners

    Interested to know what PM everyone is using on their shiv?? I'd like to get a crank or spider based PM but not sure. What are you using and do you recommend it??
  14. Kizza

    2014 Kona count

    I think Hoka's will make a nice jump up the list this year
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