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  1. Price drop on the bibs before Chrismas Assos: $100 Sugoi: $65
  2. Castelli, Cannondale, Assos and 2XU sleeveless are gone. Bibs still available.
  3. Cleaning out the cupboard and it’s time to offload some tri / cycling gear: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/63165014/Cleaning%20out%20the%20cupboard%20and%20it.pdf PM me - happy to do a bulk sale
  4. Dropping price to $100 inclusive of postage.
  5. I bought this item off Amazon and it arrived yesterday - only worn around the house so still brand new. It is the small / medium size. http://www.amazon.co...0?ie=UTF8&psc=1 The pack is exactly what I was looking for - twin bottles - no bladder - just enough pockets for storage. Here is the link to UltrAspire's website: http://www.ultraspir...t-p/ua054xx.htm I have limited movement in my left arm (old injury!) and was hoping placing the bottle in the holder would not be an issue - unfortunately for me it is - placing the right hand bottle in the holder is easy though. The pack come
  6. A few things for sale - all plus postage Garmin GSC10 - includes crank and wheel magnets - will also throw in 910 mount - $35 Cobb V Flow - white - great saddle - http://www.cobbcycling.com/shop/roadsaddles/vflow - $60 T2+ Cobra Aerobar Profile Designs - clip on - white - extremely adjustable great bars for your roadbike - $85 Continental tyre GP4000S - (700x23C) + 5 x Continental tubes 42mm stems (700x18/25C) - all brand new - sold as a pack - $60 All sold - thanks folks for the interest.
  7. I got these: http://www.jaybirdgear.com/freedom-bluetooth-headphones/ The earbuds are a bit bigger than standard but no real issues - having no wires to contend with is worth it. I carry my iphone in a Spibelt and dont have any major issues - I get the occassional small dropout from BT if I turn my head to far one way (basically looking over my shoulder)
  8. Trolled through slow twitch and ended up with Jaybird Bluetooth - thumbs up from wifey and me after two months of use. Amazon is your friend
  9. Trolled through slow twitch and ended up with Jaybird Bluetooth - thumbs up from wifey and me after two months of use. Amazon is your friend
  10. I did Port this year with two three hour bottles for the bike. Used gels and food at the aid stations for the run as flavour fatigue does set in. Also did a 100km ultra-marathon with two four hour bottles - for running I use three scoops per two hours > six scoops (four hours) in one 600 ml bidon - couldn't be simpler.
  11. Ken you are correct - although the stigma will remain for a long time. A Bundaberg surgeon does not have a great history - I agree it is unfair that the hospital and all other health related services have been tarnished by this unfortunate incident.
  12. Any suggestions in Brisbane (or surrounds for that matter). Bundaberg surgeons dont have a great history
  13. It was an old thread AP. As for the "new idea headache" you must be right - I thought to myself I have groin pain and Im (sort of) a sportsman so I must have a sports hernia
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