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  1. Have to agree was dubious after the first ep. It has found its feet very quickly. It Saul good man
  2. 99.5 I blame rs and his love of creamy cheese
  3. Cheers for the differing views. Not that I am training much but it would be a bit of a hike to the pool as well. I assume organization would be the key so you multi task on your runs into town. Even if it is 10min away. Sunday arvo beer on the verander watching a summer storm role over does sound appealing
  4. With two kids, two dogs one a mastif, one cat (wifes choice) and a bird we have out grown our three bed one bath one garage home. Living in the Tewantin/Noosa area there are a few options for acreage in the hinterland . The property we are looking at is only 1.25 acres. Its 19 min to work and 9 mins to the children's school, so not miles away. I am interested to here from people who have made a move to a semi rural setting. Was it as good as the fantasy or did u just create a rod for your own back?
  5. Oh Dear just jumped on the scales. haven't weighed myself since port 13. 99.7 for me. want to be in the 80's for tweed coast endro
  6. Yep haven't raced since. I recon this will hurt me more than port did
  7. First race since port 2013, and done less training than rocket salad. A lot of walking coming but I'm glad to be back out there
  8. Bugger you Nealo. For making me have water for my knock off
  9. Try the Vic hotel. They only started taking bookings on new years day
  10. Are u interested in sending them
  11. This is one for hflc fat adapted believers I am completely out of shape at the moment, but with a return to solid training I want to be a bit smarter with my nutrition. Does anyone use the generation ucan super starch for there long rides or racing?. Got a long( for me atm) ride on the weekend, I will give it a run then. I am still a skeptic but will in to give it a crack.
  12. Cheers Steve. One of there finest vans booked. Rs not impressed. Think he is getting soft in his old age
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