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  1. I'll be there, stopped smoking last week so lungs should be clear by Sunday.
  2. I just thought 20 months was fair (although it's someones life that was cut too short) relative to some people getting 3 years for drink driving, hit and runs. My opinion...
  3. So the NSW driver that killed the cyclist was drunk and unlicensed aswell ? That changes things.........
  4. Such an innocent mistake though ? Unlike drink driving - some buggers get away with 2-3 years drink driving and killing people. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2011-10-24/milan-patel-jailed-hit-run-nailsworth/3597146 I've picked up my phone and read a text before. I'm sure most people have ? Maybe I just have a warped sense of reality...
  5. ducan

    TDF11 - Stage 10

    Somebody give Paul Sherwen a synonym for 'respite' ... I must of heard it at least twice every stage...
  6. ducan

    TDF11 - Stage 9

    hoogerland vs barb wire
  7. ducan

    Tour de farce

    Yes... I played a game of tennis for the first time in 2 years because of Mr Tomic. I get more motivated to ride after watching the TDF... and the quality of my bike far out weighs my level of fitness at the moment. ( I don't have a felt )
  8. ducan

    TDF11 - Stage 4

    Shocking weather today. Basso Post = http://yfrog.com/h8qpbdxj Renshaw Post = http://twitpic.com/5li7ep My dibs on a break staying away.
  9. ducan

    TDF11 - Stage 3

    Mike Tomalaris is shocking... Does he even watch the race?
  10. Pedals Plus St Ives has SCI CON Aero Comfort Plus bike bags on sale. $799 now $575 CT did a review on them recently. If you are unable to get too gods country (St Ives) we are more than happy to send a bag out at your expense. Give us a call on [02] 8065 3291
  11. ducan

    Wheel Issue

    Mavic CXP22 is the rim... What hubs are they? Ride it for a week then check to see if you still have the problem. You can't damage anything.
  12. ducan

    Bont A1 44.5

    Sold - PM sent
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