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  1. Hi Flashman, Are you doing the Moto run/mtb/xterra??? I did the run last year and loved it. Different race organisers this year so a few things may have changed.
  2. You need to come and visit Rog. I'll look after your Bambini so both you and Ange can race. If Chuckie wants to meet a Mrs-Chuckie-for-the-night the Gin & Raspberry would be the place or the Crossfit World Tour is on in QT so plenty of action there for him. ;-)
  3. chookie

    Wanaka swim

    Hi Smiffy, Current lake temp ~16 so no need to go overboard with the gear.......although there was a bit of snow dumped last night so temp may go down to 15 this week. Long sleeve wettie and a hood if you want would be fine. Gloves and booties would just be an extra expense for an hour swim. Please note - we are Qld'ers so do know what warm water is. :-)
  4. Does anyone know where it's being screened in Brisbane?
  5. Thanks Noknees. Your local knowledge has really helped. We will avoid Bucketts Way.....
  6. chookie


    I like the idea of a single team page as it's more a group effort and we spend enough time being competitive individuals. Happy to go with group consensus though; I'm in either way.
  7. Noknees, that sounds like a fabulous loop. We will be staying just out of Gloucester on Thunderbolts Way. Do you think we would be able to safely ride from there to Dungog? Muffins and coffee will certainly be part of the day.
  8. chookie


    Great cause and good for the lead up to NZ. I'll be in. Do we register as individuals or a team?
  9. Thanks for the info Leon. Wouldn't mind doing that climb while I'm there.
  10. Certainly am. You'll be seeing me around AP.
  11. Great work Giz! Will have to catch up for a ride before I move north. Wiseman's Ferry loop would be fun.
  12. Hi Guys, I'm heading up to Barrington Tops this weekend and am hoping to do a few km's on the road bike. Does anyone know of any good rides in the area that are fairly safe too? Also, is there a public pool in one of the towns? Or maybe a lake? Thanks for your help! Ciao, Chookie
  13. IM Cozumel It did take us 43hrs to get there from Syd though
  14. Thanks guys. Had heaps of fun out there! Swim: was fast because of some mofo currents. Lucky me as I did VERY little swimming before coming here. 27degrees and crystal clear. Lots of starfish etc. Bike: was fun. 3 laps and flat. No hotmix but the roads are in good condition. Some brutal crosswinds that brought a few down. Run: bloody hell that hurt. Great crowd support to keep you going. Brilliant race, great people and an awesome place for a holiday. In a world of pain today but I'm sure a few tequilla's will assist in recovery. Yeah Trav, Charlie is happy and we'll
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