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  1. Those weather conditions will be nice! I was pretty pleased to see recently that rural NSW is now green zone. Hopefully Sydney will be also before the race weekend.
  2. I ended up buying the RTL515 also. Got its first ride today. I'm impressed, this thing is really good! Definately worthwhile.
  3. Awesome, thanks so much for this Peter and Rog. I've been sitting on this for a while.
  4. How do people rate the red light on the Varia? How bright is it for day use?
  5. Slunnie

    Bike Fitters

    I've also used Dan Bain from Onebody in Castle Hill Sydney who uses Retul techniques for the bike fit. Very happy. If you're in Orange, Dan Benton from Barnyard will be doing some interviews with Daniel Bain soon in a new program he is about to start up.
  6. Brakes really seem to polarise people. They either have and love disc brakes, or they hate them. 😂
  7. I would also actually call places. My experiences in places other than Port is that they sometimes flag everything as booked when you look online but do take bookings over the phone.
  8. Trifun, did you end up getting the Trek Project One Supercaliber 9.9 AXS? Congrats on the new bike!
  9. I really like the Topeak one with storm cover. You can fit everything in it: Phone, Car keys, nutrition, gels, sandwiches, bananas, pizzas, spare wheels, shaving gear etc. They're great for IM and long training rides.
  10. Good on you team for developing and enforcing standards in the forum. I’ve been involved in some pretty big online forums for the last 20 years in a different but public field and have spent a lot of time moderating - I take my hat off to all moderators, members don’t see the vast majority of nasty stuff they deal with. There are always those who want to push beyond the intent of positive community expectations and as you know, if its not dealt with the good people leave and toxic people remain who want no rules or reduced rules and the concentration of these people builds. I have seen breakaw
  11. Did the driver stop and get out?
  12. For the 935 at least, just plug the watch into the computer with the charging cord and pull the file out of it, treat the watch like USB memory stick. Under the Activities folder, just find the correctly dated/timed .FIT file and then upload it to Strava, Training Peaks or whatever it is that you use.
  13. I suspect every case is different, but I've had this for a few years now. For me, the bulging disc touches the nerve and it locks up the 2 muscles that run down either side of my lower spine. I understand those muscles lock up to stabilise the area around the bulging disc. I see a Myotherapist who is excellent (also an athlete so he get's what athletes are all about), but basically it is about releasing the muscles again, and that doesn't last too long before they lock up again until the bulging disc eventually resolves and everything relaxes. The diagnosis however came from a combination of
  14. This one in particular. Its on Petes FB page rather than Tri Buzz with Muzz
  15. Yes! They're great and just getting better and better. The last one was an absolute cracker!!!
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