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  1. Joostoz

    Garmin 935. Wow

    I've been away from the forum for a while (moved to Vietnam, not a very big tri scene here...). Last Saturday there was a little offroad triathlon (www.triathlonvietnam.com) and they had a finish photo competition. Decided to do the best jump I could while crossing the line in 8th overall, and lo and behold, I ended up winning the competition. Prize: A 935! I have not taken it off my wrist yet.. Absolutely love it. Still need to work out all the functionalities but unlike the 920xt I had, this one I can actually wear to work.
  2. http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/largest-can-can-dance Only 1,503 people. Should get that at Wanaka, right?
  3. Hi guys, Not a formal race report but I just completed the 1st Vietnam Mountain Bike Marathon (VMBM) in Sapa, Northern Vietnam. It's a 3 day stage race. www.vietnammountainbikemarathon.com I can honestly say it was one of the toughest races I have ever done, especially the 69km 2nd stage on day 2. The views are awesome though, temperature is cool in the morning but warms up nicely. There was a number of Aussies participating this year, from Perth, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane. I would highly recommend this race as a destination race to anyone who is in need of a well organized
  4. I ran a 54:19 10km last week. Just registered for my first full marathon since Gold Coast 2014, this time the Ho Chi Minh City Marathon in January 2017. Aiming for sub 4 hours there, well off my 3:39 from 2014.
  5. I do ride from D2 where I live, we take the Cat Lai ferry quite a bit as well. Or out East, past D9. Not a lot of hills here so the 3800m gain in 153km is probably going to kill me in 2 weeks...
  6. Given that ironman was in its second year, and Challenge its first, it would not be fair to compare. I know that a lot of hard work went into the Challenge race but they faced some last minute issues (with road closures kind of spurring on a last minute course change on the bike, making the athlete's briefing way too difficult). The Challenge after party was great though! Free booze until 10pm I believe, by which time I was ready to retire anyway! It was held at a rooftop bar. I would think it would've been better had they started the after party in the afternoon (I believe it only started at
  7. I just added one for Challenge Nha Trang (Vietnam).
  8. Challenge Nha Trang (Vietnam) – 11 September 2016 For the first time ever, Challenge organized a race in Vietnam. After the success of Ironman 70.3 Vietnam in 2015 and 2016 I guess it was time for them to enter the still very immature triathlon scene of Vietnam. Even though I’m nowhere near peak fitness, I decided to give this event a go. I invited some friends from Brisbane to come over and race, and enjoy Vietnam for a bit while they were here. Race package pick up and rego were on Friday night and Saturday, with bike racking late Saturday afternoon. Given that this was an initial event, n
  9. One of the Vietnamese missed the cut off by 19 seconds. Don't ask me how you make it to the World's and finish in 8:30:19...
  10. At 70.3 Vietnam they gave spots to the fastest Vietnamese male and female. Guy ended up with 5:52, girl with 6:45. So it's possible if you have the right nationality. There were also spots on offer for people who bought a special sponsor package entry in vietnam.
  11. There's not a lot of trails around where I currently live (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam), but they do organise some races up country. I did a 3 day stage race around Da Lat in March (www.vietnamvictorychallenge.com). Now, if anyone is interested in a 3 day stage race on beautiful trails near Sa Pa in the north, beginning of November, have a look at www.vietnammountainbikemarathon.com. No affiliation with either organization but since triathletes are known to love destination races, I thought I'd throw it out here!
  12. Challenge Nha Trang, 11 September. Not one of the options but is before Christmas and not in QLD...
  13. I had the application form all completed until they asked me for a 30 second video. Of me. No way Jose... I thought I had it in the bag up to that point: part of a local, growing tri-community (with one branded and one "rival" half distance race). No further short or long course races around so plenty of opportunities to organise shorter (5150) or longer (226). I do have 3 Ironman mugs at home, plus I regularly wear my finishers t-shirts... But no one wants to see my video I'm afraid!
  14. Thanks, same for me. Seems there is no equivalent to TA here in Vietnam ;-). Still have a race license for The Netherlands though!
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