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  1. I thought I saw you out there. Well done on doing your first. I think the lady that helped you out was racing a grade down (misread the race timings) so wasn't allowed to compete so she just rolled around. She does triathlons as well but is spending a year doing focusing on bike racing. There is soooo much bike racing in Brisbane every weekend. Between the clubs putting on races and open events (cycling QLD backed) there's multiple races of different types every weekend. For example this Saturday there is crit racing at Muzz, Elimbah club road race and Sunday is Lifecycle classic r
  2. For anyone doing Cairns Ironman this year I will be road tripping from Brisbane in a campervan and am open to helping anyone who may also want to road trip up, or transport some equipment etc. The rough plan is a 2 day trip departing Brisbane early on Wed 6 June and leaving Cairns on Monday 11 June. If you are interested in being a co-driver or need some gear transported get in touch.
  3. I would just be checking your betting statement or giving them a call or email and ask
  4. Someone's had a go. Sarah Crowley now into 7s from 11.
  5. that's right Zed multiple the odds by the amount you bet and that's what you get back
  6. Hi everyone, So finally a bookmaker in Australia has taken an interest and put up markets for the Hawaii Ironman winners. If anyone wants to have a go here's the links https://www.ladbrokes.com.au/sports/ironman/38839080-ironman-world-championship-men-s-winner/38839080-ironman-world-championship-men-s-winner/ https://www.ladbrokes.com.au/sports/ironman/38839271-ironman-world-championship-women-s-winner/38839271-ironman-world-championship-women-s-winner/
  7. Hi Ronnie, I'm a PT and Tri coach in Brisbane and I have been trying to crack the gym strength v Tri training freshness balance for years. To get it right is soooo complicated that it is actually alot harder to program the strength side of things in versus a tri program. Generally speaking smash yourself in the gym (if that's what you like to do) early in your program while your SBR is low intensity and taper it off the closer you get to your race or harder tri training weeks.
  8. Timely topic. Just so happens myself and another 2 coaches are running a long weekend camp up at Noosa in January. $500-590 and if you count Caroline Steffen as a hot chick, then yes we have hot chicks.
  9. We have group up in north lakes with some people doing Busso. Leaves at 6am though
  10. Already onto it and have lodged my complaint with the ACCC about the $14 "processing" fee. If anyone else feels the same way go to the link below and lodge a complaint. The more complaints the better as I assume it will flag in their system and with any chance they'll investigate. http://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/complaints-problems
  11. Good idea, totally forgot, used to travelling with the funny farm
  12. Hi everyone, doing a quick overnighter to come watch the IM. Will arrive Sunday about lunch time and then out the next day. Just looking to see if anyone has some floor space (or a couch, if I can push my luck) that I might be able to sleep on. I intend to stay to watch the last finisher cross the line so at best will only need it for a few hrs. cheers Dan
  13. anyone else having problems with the athlete tracker? Its only showing the first 450 competitors and no filter options
  14. Here's my run split from NZ a couple of weeks ago. I did a standalone 30k run in the leadup (2:18 = 4:36min/km pace) so was aiming for goal pace of 5min at NZ. only had a watch with no split function on it so had to go by the distance markers and work out on the fly if I was on pace or over. From my experience the run is directly affected by your nutrition on the bike. I planned on a 5:20 bike but did 5:40 and didnt factor this in while biking so I hit the run under done on energy. Hence the 6:04 split at 28k. This run was walking through all aid stations and 2 piss stops. I think i
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