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  1. Just to do something different to be honest. Dont need the tracksuit just something different to train for thats related to current fitness.
  2. Thanks mate. Dunno if i can run that fast anymore. Not quite true. Been removed from the sport for a long time so have no idea of the depth or speed these days. I reckon i can be off the bike in 1.25 with a few.months of swimming but havent run for many many years. Might go for a run this weekend !!!
  3. So if someone was to attempt to make the AG 40-44 team for the Gold Coast Worlds thing, how fast would they need to go. Standard distance, would 2.10 be enough ? I dont know if I can run at all but not overly enjoying cycling at the moment, should be able to get off the bike ok but the run would be a real struggle to go sub 45 I would think ? any ideas ??
  4. I find both his podcastes and his rogan interview to be pretty good. But i am sure all the people that never saw him race will still go on about how he ruined the sport....
  5. If your mind is so made up then don't ask the question. They are stupid. Hard to put on, you still need to carry a tube and if you do flat good luck getting a tube in there. I cannot see any reason to use them over the current technology available.
  6. The invention to a problem that doesn't exist - tubeless in a road bike.....
  7. It's not. I don't chose to do it at the moment but it works. A chick. At work is 3 years in.
  8. Ultegra levers and mechs. Da brakes and cranks. I can't pick the difference between electronic ultegra and dira ace but I can in the brakes and cranks.
  9. Between us Katz this will be primarily be about him and not you. I have a bit of experiance here and some pretty strong views on it. He will have self esteem issues and have a deep down dislike of himself. He does this as it makes him feel better about himself that he can still be either attractive or wanted by someone. He can't love himself so he can't accept your love, it is a bad place to be. He prob won't let you all the way in and is scared by doing so he has to back you with it all so he is being self destructive. If you want to talk let me know.
  10. Wow shrek shit that must have been hard. My father never met his father, he left when my grandmother was pregnant. Didnt cope with the war and liked a drink i beleive, anyway dad had a few opportunities to meet him but never did. He died when dad was early 20s, my dad went to the funeral. I suppose what i am saying is that i think you have done the right thing. You know where you stand and have had a chance to say your bit. If something happens to her at least you did that. Kamal2 we are a bit younger. I am actuay inly 39. My mrs 35. She was in warfrin for 6 months. She has improved a lot sh
  11. Dunno what to say apart from i sort of know the feeling. My Mrs has been in bed pretty much 12 months revovering from blood clots in her lungs. Mate doing what you have done for years is awesome. I struggle to somedays at it is inly 12 months. Is there an underlying mental health problem? We went down that road as the docs thoight she should be better. It wasnt the problem but gee i can see how it can be with long term sick people.
  12. Yeah mate I agree with what you are saying. My life doesn't revolve around it, I can go without and don't hide it so I certainly see the problem. Is there maybe an underlying problem as to why he need the drink so badly and can't get away from it ? Must be a hard position for you to be in.
  13. Doesn't sound a great position turtle wish I could help more. I can't help much with your brother, other than I would prob send the letter to him not your mum. In regards to your husbands drinking, it sounds a bit like me. I drink most days sometimes 2 sometimes 6 or more. I am not aggressive and don't get drunk. I honestly just like the taste, it's not an alcohol thing for me they taste nice and I relax and have a few as a habit. My mrs doesn't care and I prob would have a problem giving them up. Can I ask why you have a problem with a few drinks ? Is there more to it ?
  14. You never find training boring ? And if you do why do it ? I hate training with a passion use music on the ergo to pass the time. I train cause I love racing to win, without training I couldn't do that. Can't wait to hear feedback on the yubuds. I want a wireless set
  15. Thanks for the advice guys. I haven't slept for 3 days worrying about this bloke and worrying how much my behaviour at work might have contributed. I don't think I would have but I keep thinking about it. The biggest wake up for me is how serious this is and how unserious I have regarded mental health in the past. It is really getting me down that I honestly though most of this stuff is made up. I rate myself as relatively intelligent and a caring person deep down but shit I have missed the seriousness of all this for the last 15 years. Massive wake up call.
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