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  1. Just to do something different to be honest. Dont need the tracksuit just something different to train for thats related to current fitness.
  2. Thanks mate. Dunno if i can run that fast anymore. Not quite true. Been removed from the sport for a long time so have no idea of the depth or speed these days. I reckon i can be off the bike in 1.25 with a few.months of swimming but havent run for many many years. Might go for a run this weekend !!!
  3. So if someone was to attempt to make the AG 40-44 team for the Gold Coast Worlds thing, how fast would they need to go. Standard distance, would 2.10 be enough ? I dont know if I can run at all but not overly enjoying cycling at the moment, should be able to get off the bike ok but the run would be a real struggle to go sub 45 I would think ? any ideas ??
  4. piss easy mate, undo the bolts and pull off spider, put spider on and redo the bolts. When you undo the bolt from the old cranks check the torque maybe 13mn if I remember and just do the bolts up the same on the new cranks. Have done it on my 7800 and SRAM Srms.....and a quarq as well i went from 175 to 172.5 a few years ago
  5. I find both his podcastes and his rogan interview to be pretty good. But i am sure all the people that never saw him race will still go on about how he ruined the sport....
  6. yeah I know from an insider the kit is not far away from being available in Oz
  7. trek52

    New wheels

    really depends on budget. A set of Hed Jet 6s used for $1000 or a Dura Ace C50s in clincher. Full carbon wheels are great but they are a bit of a bugger for newbies, can he hard to get tyres on and off and braking can be hit and miss. Caden are excellent wheels if you want to go that route. personally I would buy some older tubular 60 for $500 and only use them for racing.
  8. Best- Moving back to Trek, Zwift, Powermeters, Di2 Worst - Zipp wheels (waste of money and rubbish) Colnago bikes Lust - to be young again....
  9. at least bike riders usually admit it....
  10. Everyone is different. I am 40 and my max is 174....my threshold hr is 163. I personally find doing anything other than recover under 115 bpm a total waste of time
  11. I am tipping we wont ever see race 2 let alone everyone getting paid.....
  12. It is a great tool if yiur ftp is rigbt. To many peopme get it wrong thus cock it up. My tss a week is 650 to 750.on the bike at a 360 ftp and a .73 to.75 if. Cant handle much more than that. Ctl gets to about 100.
  13. Unless you can handle a bike the 88s are to much in a bunch. I use them in crits but find myself back on 60s most of the time. If you are interested in a set that are only 3 rides old send me a pm cause I want to go back to tubular.
  14. I have 40/60/88 cadens. Unless you are going tubs then don't go 88s. The 60s are nice.
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