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  1. REPS range and SETS and LOAD are all dependent on training experience, volume of training and phase of overvall training volume in relation to their sport. Full ROM again is individual based and also dependent on what actually training. High load Quarter squats are actually more beneficial and transfer for sprinters and runners but it is developing strength and power in how the muscles tolerate load in running.
  2. Considering I might have done a bit of study and an internship in the area of S&C and still continuing with study and delving in the actual process of the area rather then googling and using a blog to gather information I think have some concept of what is going on. SLOW LEARNER did you ever ask for help???? Wonder how you went when you were a cop and someone told you how to do your job would you give them a ticket because you can. Your advice is based on what works for you, which doesnt factor any other considerations. Now lets say i get 15 of my clients from va
  3. PERFECT FORM again I will it doesnt exist. Perfect for WHO. Humans are not ROBOTS. So based in your perfect form you should be able to do everything with ease because you have perfect form. Kipochege squat mechanics based on your perfect form is key means he is shit, but can run a sub 2hr marathon. Maybe you should take up weightlifting with your perfect form. Torso length, leg length, hip socket anatomy, ankle anatomy, Hypermobility all are factors are what a squat looks like. So hence no perfect form. Just what is best for you.
  4. I wager perfect form doesnt exist like you say it does. So you wore yours out how did you do that? With perfect form or inappropriate load?
  5. Full range squat is context dependent. Hip anatomy has a key role. Perfect form doesnt exist. Form is individual based which requires context. Context being, your anatomy, your injury history and current state of capacity. Low rep high load is the key for any endurance athlete. If doing high rep low load you might as well just run or ride. Our body adapts to load, so presenting load is more important then trying to create a perfect so called technique.
  6. Exactly one minute the virus is fake but sport is played and the virus is real again
  7. And I am pretty sure non celebrities have done the same but not being reported by the media
  8. Same applied here in Melbourne. The vast majority give a shit
  9. Double trainer ride using my bike and the proform tour de france bike. 6hrs off bike which included 3x5km hill climbs at 8% on the proform. Run off the 8.54km
  10. Functional is a buzz word Every exercise is functional given context
  11. 244km on Bike plus short run off bike
  12. Carfrae no longer with Felt as well
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