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  1. Ironman to pocket entry fees
  2. They accept money but don't accept giving it back when race cancelled
  3. Worn once $60 Size Medium Postage $12.50
  4. But your are happy to hand out st advice as an endurance coach?
  5. Paddles Not going to help running though which this post is about
  6. Who said 1 rep max? Again this is not actually reading what i wrote or making assumptions https://www.peakendurancesport.com/endurance-training/strength-conditioning-and-flexibility/strengthen-endurance-time-go-heavy-performance/
  7. That is endurance training high rep low load. But if works for you all good.
  8. Life is not about winning Kona so it does work like that. Not everyone is built the same nor has same genetic make up. So actually strength training has been proven to help in negating the aging affects of muscle wastage, bone breakdown and slowing down the rate of tendon stiffness loss. Why do we use strength training on rehabilitation???? Just because you don't do it or don't like it doesn't means it serves no benefit???
  9. Depends 2-3 is a good sticking point. Most would struggle at 3 but at least 2 is suffice. But ST needs to appropriate to the individual, not a generic program, but a program that is based on assessment and is focussed on key areas on relation to life and sporting demands. Unfortunately many seem to actually not incorporate correct loading and poor exercise choice based on what is popular rather then what is neccessary to the individual needs.
  10. How much strength training have you done to negate the breakdown of muscle and tendon stiffness?
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