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  1. Snap! Santa brought me the same set.
  2. My balcony is like the Young One's house, it comes alive at night, with wildlife from the gardens.
  3. iFoz

    Inbreeding ?

    I thought it was win-win 🤣
  4. iFoz

    Inbreeding ?

    If you want to put them off, make your own getting it on noise. The thought and noise of two wrinkly old people at it, will surely gross out the young ones. 😂
  5. iFoz


    2012 Peter. No darkness, no rain, but we still did our repeats on the molehill this morning, at 05:40.
  6. iFoz


    Yes. At the summit viewing platform.
  7. Nevermind the T shirt... when are we going to see Project Binky finished? The suspension is unbearable... ironic, that's true for an original mini 🤣
  8. Not for me... I've adopted the Vulcan greeting... and say "Live long and prosper" it is very appropriate for these times. https://www.somagnews.com/prevent-corona-virus-can-use-spocks-vulcan-salute/
  9. The plastic head bands and adjusters had failed on them due to sweat corrosion. (My only complaint about the Catlike Whispers). The orange and blue Kompact on the left, was my first IM helmet.
  10. I didn’t want to just throw them in the bin. I’m pretty chuffed with the result. Worked better than I thought it would. The brick hangers are from Bunnings. https://www.bunnings.com.au/whites-hanging-basket-lock-in-brick-hook_p3000301
  11. @trifunis our resident Noosa Results historian. Over to you Ron.
  12. I’ve noticed an increase in the frequency of scam calls to my work mobile number, that look like valid Aus mobile numbers. It’s usually - a recording recited in Chinese - a recording claiming to be the tax office. I hang up instantly I hear the recording on the other end.
  13. Well you may not have rocketed through the course like your namesake missile (AA7), but you definitely hit the target... top of the podium. Welcome to the TriReport club. Always interesting to hear how others approach and feel on race day. 👍
  14. I can confirm this. Happened to me yesterday, 15 mins into my ride. 🙄 Had to return home to swap bikes.
  15. Please tell me you have a business continuity plan and off cloud backup system in place for when the unthinkable happens... you lose internet for weeks on end... or a Garmin moment on your SAAS providers. Because a virus cannot do that much damage surely? (remember it's 2020!)
  16. I've not been swooped yet. Didn't even see any, but I was only on the back of the mtn.
  17. What? wash your mouth (or keyboard) out with soapy water. No such things as wasted reps on Coot-tha. It was beautiful out there this morning at 0530hrs. (ok so I slept in 🙄 )
  18. Haha, I wish. Finnair/Qantas Business class, trip to the UK to see the oldies, put on hold. Flannie takes the crown with $35K+ EEEEEK!
  19. Race entries: $1450 Flights: $6990 Accommodation: $4300 Total: $12740 😰
  20. iFoz

    Noosa Triathlon 2020

    Different councils between Noosa and Mooloolaba.
  21. When I climbed Mt Pinatubo, back in ‘99, our guide was this fella. 50+, smoked a whole packet on the way up, wearing his Filipino work boots. Us in our expensive hiking boots, young and fit, still couldn’t keep up with him.
  22. iFoz

    Noosa Triathlon 2020

    The cancellation was no surprise. I couldn't see how any covid safe plan could work, with 3500 competitors and support crew compressed into the Hastings St/ Race central area. Not enough room for social distancing. I'm still planning on going to still have my holiday. Will do my bit to spend money in the region. I suspect so will most of the SEQ residents, so not sure how that'll work out. Almost the same number of people squeezing into Noosa, but without the marshaling and control of a covid safe plan being implemented and policed. Also expecting there will be a big crowd of triathletes
  23. Sounds like we are on the verge of a bad (Corona virus style) exponential event in space. Why is mankind so slow to learn some lessons? “All it needs is a couple of catastrophic collisions or more destructive anti-satellite tests and suddenly we’re in the territory predicted by Donald Kessler and Burton Cour-Palais in the 1970s, where it will no longer be possible to use certain regions of space,” Dr Gorman said. NASA scientist Donald Kessler proposed that once the level of debris reached a critical mass in orbit, the cascading effect of debris colliding with debris would mean t
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