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  1. And it is yet to be proven that being vaccinated prevents transmission. Although if I was regularly visiting someone vulnerable I would get vaccinated too It's all a question of risk management
  2. No What I'm saying is that it is up to each individual to assess their own level of risk and act accordingly
  3. If the residents of said nursing home have not yet been vaccinated given their increased vulnerability, I would suggest that your ire should be more appropriately directed towards the owners of the nursing home
  4. I think when someone pretends to know more about my views than I do, it says more about them than it does about me
  5. Yeah, that would do it I suppose...
  6. I'm not in a hurry I said a year ago that as a healthy sub-50 year old with no pre-existing conditions my risk from covid is negligible. Nothing I've seen since then has changed my mind
  7. Bit harsh Central Noumea isn't much to write home about, but there are some terrific spots to visit out in the country
  8. IronJimbo


    Apparently it's perfectly acceptable these days to 'circle back' if you're unable or unwilling to answer a question
  9. The 2022 midterms should right a few of the 2020 wrongs
  10. You're assuming the decisions not to travel to those races were made by the athletes themselves I'm not so sure that's the case
  11. Same boat as Notts County a couple of years ago - relegated from the League for the first time since they were founded in 1862. Hopefully they can make it back sooner rather than later
  12. Bizarre schedule this month, bookended by Man Citeh in the league at the start and CL final at the end. Mid-month we face Leicester in the FA cup final and then play them again at the Bridge a couple of days later in the league Sam Kerr is killing it for the women's team too. The Blues are the first club to reach the final of both men's and women's CL in the same year #KTBFFH
  13. Positive local press is helpful
  14. He wishes he was here...
  15. I did it a couple of years ago, mostly sandy fire trails. A couple of climbs but nothing technical Watch out for overhead branches on the run...
  16. Emma Jeffcoat is the logical choice. She can ride domestique for Ash in the main race (as she did on the GC in 2018), and as Aus and Oceania sprint champion she has the short-course form to ge the job done in the relay Royle looks more likely to bag the other men's spot although Hauser could also be a chance
  17. I'm being very serious. Media malfeasance is a serious problem in the states. You only need to look at how they're cheering on the replacement of due process of law with mob justice The idea that Trump's dishonesty has been anywhere near that of the media over the past five years is patently absurd
  18. Trump did make a lot of exaggerations. But to compare this to the media's blatant lies, misrepresentations and omissions is at best a little silly
  19. You mean the most 'fact checked' President in history? If it wasn't for double standards, the mainstream media in the United States would have no standards at all. As shown by their refusal to fact check the obvious and blatant lies of the incumbent
  20. Speaking of #theirabc... [quote] The ABC has been forced to correct reports it aired relating to JobKeeper claims made on behalf of fictitious employees. The public broadcaster said reports that were published across its radio, television and online channels failed to make clear issues relating to JobKeeper payments made by employers trying to cheat the system. The reports were aired and published on January 29 and have now been updated this week. The correction said the reports, “did not make clear the ATO’s investigations into employers’ JobKeeper claims for potent
  21. No, that's when a Republican tells people to peacefully make their voices heard
  22. The threat of violence to achieve a political end I wonder if there's a word for that?
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