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  1. I was checking it out a couple of days ago, looks awesome. How much fun would 2 1/2 laps around that banking be? I'm putting it on my bucket list
  2. You make a good point, but probably not the point you intended It's true that history reminds us that the worst regimes were predicated on an increase in the size and reach of government. Pre-revolution Russia, inter-war Germany and pre-Mao China are but three examples Only one party is proposing to overhaul two of the three branches of the United States government to increase their power and make it virtually impossible for them to lose elections. And it ain't the Republicans
  3. That's just absolutism at work. The same principle that assures people that they're right about everything, so anyone who disagrees is clearly an idiot Since Trump is Hitler v2.0, not only is he incapable of doing anything good, if he did manage to get something right it was either a fluke or done with nefarious intent
  4. And? Like it or not, Trump is just as entitled to his day in court as Al Gore was in 2000
  5. Well if he's lost a case in Pennsylvania, surely that means he'll lose all of them As for the Trump Foundation, its a very good thing that it's been shut down. I mean, if he's supporting charitable causes it makes it harder for people like you to hate him
  6. What does your friend make of the many examples of Joe Biden exhibiting the listed behaviours?
  7. No I'll make it even easier for you - did I claim he cured cancer? As for what he's done, where would you like to start? Record employment among minorities? Real criminal justice reform? Tax cuts leading to a pre-covid boom? The defeat of ISIS? Peace breaking out in the Middle East?
  8. I know Otherwise known as 'playing the man, not the ball' which is usually frowned upon
  9. Baz: 'Jimbo is trying to excuse what Trump did' Jimbo: 'What did he do?' Baz: 'You don't debate facts' Jimbo: 'You haven't raised any facts' Baz: 'You are reaching new lows...'
  10. According to the bloke who is using non-specific grievances to avoid giving credit where it's due If you don't want to debate the issues, you're just having a whinge
  11. lol So much unity So much healing...
  12. I'll look forward to Pelosi relinquishing the gavel in 2022, and a Republican winning back the white house in 2024 The Republican senate should make sure that Biden doesn't f*ck things up too much in the meantime
  13. We'll accept 2020 when you guys accept 2016
  14. What you said was I'm trying to excuse what he did What is this presumably nefarious 'thing' that I'm trying to excuse?
  15. Uh oh That sounds like a what if to me...
  16. I'm crediting him for what he was responsible for You're blaming him for what he was not responsible for Whatever helps you justify your hatred though
  17. Perhaps Trump is more than a little curious about how it has been reported by the same people who previously ridiculed the idea that a vaccine could be developed as fast as it has As I've said before, if Trump had found a cure for cancer people would complain about him putting oncologists out of work
  18. *NEWSFLASH* - CNN anchor tells the truth...
  19. lol Sounds like one of those 'I got a parking ticket - police brutality' people
  20. Happy for you to post it then
  21. I'm still curious about who 'the big guy' is But you know as well as I do that Republicans are held to a much higher standard than Democrats
  22. Whoopi Goldberg has told the Republicans to suck it up like they sucked it up So presumably this means three and a half years of investigations into Biden culminating in his impeachment
  23. You go back to your original handle and start gloating?
  24. Was it the BLM hashtag that tipped you off?
  25. True I think Albo is doing a wonderful job as opposition leader though, and I'd be happy for him to keep that position for many years to come
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