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  1. 'Heck' is where you go if you don't believe in 'Gosh' 😄
  2. They don't need new laws. They just need to enforce the existing ones properly
  3. Also interesting that the #fakenews media are trying to question the legitimacy of the story because they think the emails were hacked. Like Trump's fake tax returns, which they were happy to publish It's also noteworthy that nobody from Biden's camp has questioned the authenticity of the emails themselves, and the recipient of the key emails has confirmed their authenticity, but the story is still supressed under the guise of questions about authenticity Meanwhile it is taken as fact that Trump called war vets suckers and losers based on 'anonymous sources' despite pretty much evr
  4. You could ask one of the many journos who hate his speeches with a passion
  5. And 38 states (3/4), since you would be repealing the 22nd amendment Not likely
  6. Of course One of the biggest problems with the fake news media (and the Twitters and Facebooks of this world) is not so much what they tell you (which is often crap) but what they don't want to tell you And again, it is purely projection. Most of what the Democrats accuse Trump of doing, they have done themselves. And the media are blatantly carrying water for them Voters have to decide whether they want to enable that behaviour or reject it
  7. That would be particularly wishful thinking
  8. What you're seeing is not a critique of populism It's just typical leftist projection
  9. I suspect we won't be hearing from Yogi until Andrew needs someone to agree with him again
  10. None of which addresses the basis of my post, let alone refutes it BTW, welcome to Transitions. Nice first post
  11. The 'alt right' can speak for themselves Do you have anything to say about the topic or are you just going to sprout meaningless platitudes?
  12. Society's regression back to 1984 (the novel, not the year) continues apace - The New York Post publishes emails linking Joe Biden to his son's dodgy dealings with a Ukranian petrochemical company, despite Joe's prior claims that he never discussed his son's business dealings with him - Kayleigh McEnany retweets the article - Twitter suspends the accounts of both McEnany and the New York Post itself - Facebook places restrictions on distribution of the article so it can be 'fact checked'
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