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  1. Not sure what's doing with that front reflector though. Not very aero at all...
  2. Haven't seen it I doubt it was as good as when she crashed the Queen concert a couple years ago and sang 'another one bites the dust' with them Maybe she'll sing that again in a couple of months in reference to articles of the constitution
  3. Torso not covered- DQ
  4. Welcome to trannies and the sport! Rule #1 - don't over think it. Your first race is about having a crack and having fun If you've done a couple of 10ks you're obviously not a comple noob, so a couple of short runs per week should be okay. Definitely get some swimming done though, you'll want to be confident of getting through your 750m without exhausting yourself Keep us posted on your progress 👍
  5. Aquashop were awesome at the Port expo back in the day. They'd let you take a brand new BlueSeventy for a swim up the river before buying They're still the first place I'd consider
  6. My Orca finally cried enough last week. I bought it in 1996...
  7. Says the bloke whose last three posts in this thread have been about me...
  8. Perhaps you can answer Goughy's question then?
  9. Pete Pelosi is doing his best
  10. I'm pretty sure indigenous Australians have had a few opportunities to tell us how they feel How much more respect do you think we need to show, and how?
  11. Can't do that. There are too many whiteys so the results would be skewed
  12. Since we can't wind the clock back to 1770, what do you suggest Barry?
  13. That's because 3.3% of the population (or their self-appointed representatives) demand 96.7% of the attention
  14. lol As if he's not going to go straight to the seller and say 'this is what they'll pay' Call the principal at the agency and ask to deal directly with him/her because you don't want to deal with the other bloke
  15. Appatently witchetty grub fondue is quite an experience...
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