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  1. Heh And to follow on from the original question posed. Sunrise on Sept 5th is 0600 (20mins earlier) and Sunset is 1735 (24 mins later) Which means that in theory, more people may be able to finish in 'daylight' (I'll still be bring a headtorch with fresh batteries)
  2. Thanks for the report. I too love Geelong and would love to retire down the surf coast. This year was the second event I have missed in the last nine(I think). For all reports, I missed a good day for it. Good work out there, and now you have that little extra info on what to train for for next time. Hopefully see you there next time.
  3. Still amazed at how these peoples can just keep doing this hour after hour.
  4. Likelihood... zero. In other news, Just rebooked accom, now a lot further out than we were
  5. Cape_Horn


    Yep - Books would be more beneficial.
  6. Good news. I can spare you a bed (Berri Caravan Park, about 16 km from race start) Separate room too (Sorry, I do snore) And thanks for the reminder. I went looking for my confirmation email and saw that I was booked for a "Ensuite Site" - wait, isn't that a caravan site? I don't have a caravan... Rang them up and managed to get moved into a cabin like I had requested. Which as it is a bit bigger than what I had expected, second room, and proper spare bed up for grabs.
  7. A card and flowers for Dianne would be a good idea From the tone of some of the updates, you can feel how stressed she is, and a little extra support shown to her would be a good idea. (This to go along with the card for Andrew as well, ofc.)
  8. Cape_Horn


    @hey_burgs - Your report was magical. Thankyou.
  9. looks a lot better Thanks @bert40 for the pictures.
  10. So I was thinking about this thread last night. Specifically in that you have ~36weeks, and could follow some plans, but you do feel like you have a long way to go. And @xblane's comment about a training plane that long being mentally tough. For me, I have Port coming up in 4.5 weeks, I got to October last year, and nearly the heaviest I have been in my life (which happened over Christmas), and I would have struggled to not walk during a park run. (First parkrun back was 35ish mins, in November, fastest 5k is 24m22s about 4 years ago) . Personally, like xblane I have really struggled
  11. Canberra had a qualifier for draft sprint distance a few years ago. They added a non-drafting category as well, and just ran the race over a longer time. (Apparently some of the juniors weren't able to race a draft legal race, so to fix your very issue, they put in non-draft, and there were a fair few on normal road bikes in the nondraft race, and most of us with TT rigs raced the draft race on our roadies.) IOf you have the time at your venue, it might be an option to look at.
  12. For Auscyling (And Cycling Australia before that) Medals are a blank, with the relevant logo on the front, and then an engraved disc for the event/place is glued onto the back. Which means my state track medal from this season is the same as what got handed out at elite nationals. (Which compares to the previous years, where the medal was quite a bit smaller, compared to the close combat weapon that the new one is)
  13. You are completely correct AT my speed, there is no point turning up to Geelong (which I'll do anyway, as my parents live close by, so I can have a family trip) and Busso, due to the fields being deep enough that being as slow as I am, I won't get any points unless I can find 45mins somewhere. EDIT: - Also, reading through the guidelines, best results from three races for points only., so saying, I only expect points in three races.
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