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  1. Kristin is the killer, I am languishing again before my hopeful rise through the ranks.
  2. You might hit the podium, but like Zakarin, you won't quite have the goods for the win. I would be stoked to crack top 5 after an anonymous first 2 weeks
  3. This giro is getting great, getting slayed in the comp by my 14yr old daughter but it is fun that the first thing she checks every morning is steephill instead of Insta. super diesel Doumolin could go all the way I reckon, plenty of climbing to come but he looks capable of time trialling up every one of them. would love to have had Dennis in this race though
  4. An opportunity exists for an all-rounder at Pedals Plus bike shop in Gordon. We are a busy high-end bike shop with a focus on Road and Time Trial bikes and stock Cervelo, Focus, BMC and Norco as our core brands. The key responsibilities will be customer service and bicycle repairs. This is a Full time position but can be managed to a 3 or 4 day-a-week role for the right applicant. Pay is commensurate with experience/productivity with a range of $40-$80k per annum. Desirable Attributes: Experience working in a high-end bicycle retail environment A passio
  5. Just up in Forster for the weekend and looking to see if there is any local bunch ride Saturday or Sunday morning.
  6. I am in. 88.8 this morning. Have barely ridden this year but have run a bit and will get back on the bike going forward. Diet wise I'll mix up a bit of 5:2 and cut out some carbs. I would love to drop 5 quick and another 5 slow
  7. Wait for the new Cervelo P5 X, coming really, really soon (pre Kona). Non UCI, very different
  8. Specialized are pleased to announce that after being the biggest sponsor in the ProTour with three teams and blowing $$ all over the globe telling awesome stories about fairly ordinary bikes for years, we have decided to contract. We have started by announcing that we will not sponsor Astana or Tinkoff for 2017 and we are still debating whether Etixx is worth the money if Panzerwagon Martin leaves because we don't like the toothy Irish Dan Martin as much, and if Boonen is retiring after the classics then there are fewer awesome stories compared with how many we'll write about Sagan. Se
  9. We have now passed the half way mark and things are getting interesting and some teams would be getting pretty thin. Jungels still holds pink and has become the highest scoring rider of the game so far with Dumoulin and Kittel the next highest scorers having left the race. Amadour and Griepel are the next best scorers and with tomorrows flat course likely to bolster Griepels points before he too will leave. In the tipping comp, Anothy's Rolled Oat scored a massive haul on stage 11 to gain 520pts and moved into 2nd place nipping at Pedalio Pussies heels while Gav and Phat Pom lost a li
  10. Well the pouring rain certainly changed the outcome of that TT. A few interesting things happened: Brambilla hung on and showed he is really in good shape and a contender worth considering, particularly if the team really stumps up around him. Amador riding so well creates a nice polemic at Movistar because Valverde generally rides for himself and will probably expect Amadors support even though he is behind his teammate. Kruijswijk finds himself the best of the genuine pre-race favourites, a great position an a rare scenario for Lotto [where top Dutch riders usually under-perform]
  11. A rolling, twisting, 40km long time trial will be a serious day for GC aspirants this will be about bike handling as much as form. I would say the top chances for the stage are Cancellara, Dumoulin or Kung and the most likely Pink jersey by the stages end being Nibali or Kruijswijk unless Dumoulin can really crush [which I fear he cannot]. For the game, the shedding of riders has begun particularly with sprinters Kittel, Viviani & Van Poppel out with no more points to offer. 11 riders have gone home so far. Having genuine GC guys will start to pay dividends from tonight as the
  12. A while, like forever. He was a very good Duathlete and I recall hearing about him arguing to take his hand made 500gm front wheel on the plane instead of checking it as baggage on the way to Worlds in Tassie in 1994.
  13. PeePee

    Aero roadies

    I have a 2015 S5 and it is a change from the older S5 in geometry (lower head tube), lighter weight and notably smoother. For how I ride it is a petty perfect as an aero race bike and it looks amazeballs. The best aero bike I ever had was a Litespeed C series, a little less stiff compared with the S5 but super smooth and handled perfectly for Sydney's northern options of Bobbo and Akuna bay descents and rough roads.
  14. Wellens is young (25) but won a great stage at Paris Nice earlier this year. He has also won the GC of Eneco Tour in 2014 and 15. Simon Clark is on bodyguard duty for Rigo Uran so will not be allowed freedom unless Uran bombs out.
  15. Crashed 1st week of April - collarbone and 2 snapped ribs Operated 2nd week of April Completed Port Macq IM 3 weeks later [still not the smartest thing I ever did, but shows it is possible].
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