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  1. I am only just getting back into a bit of training after 5 years of being relatively sedentary and I would say that the Garmin 500 paired with Strava has proved very motivating thus far in that it is easy to see what I am doing and more importantly a week with no training looks shocking and prompts me to get out of bed. If you were serious about actually training and racing then no question a powermeter would be ahead of race wheels for me. I bought some quark cranks which are a cool widget and should prove even more useful when I step up from general re-conditioning towards actual race tr
  2. Gee, that onlinetriathlon had some wisdom? What ever happened to him, wasn't he banned?
  3. PeePee


    Get rid of him.
  4. PeePee

    True colours

    Yes, ironic that of all the people on this site, FP is someone I consider a friend now and our trains of conversation tend to head to common points rather than the other direction. Would still love to have the race though...
  5. PeePee

    True colours

    this was very funny at the time and like a good red wine has improved with age. Gold!! We need to catalogue these stouches for posterity.
  6. Ohhh Fank u 313113[/snapback] Yep, days of our lives stuff - pure gold too. It is probably another thread but despite How many couples has Transitions brought together?
  7. geeze, I seem to have figured awfully regularly in these stouches and yet I would swear that I don't go looking for them..... Is it that I rub people up the wrong way or simply that I can articulate a reasonble argument in my defence of an issue [the Roxxi assault notwithstanding]. I can't actually remember whether Ban OLT was Chris Cook or OzHed? I must say though that some of these are both hilarious and a reasonable study of social interaction - great value and great entertainment.
  8. PeePee


    I heard that is how you and Tim Tufuga were jointly described having a little post race pash at the Gold Coast Half. Little Kid: Dad, why is the brown man with one shoe giving CPR to the white man? Dad: don't worry son, just a couple of homonyms expressing their admiration for one another...
  9. I guarantee you will cut those suckers down, no point having them looking cool if you have to move and stretch to shift gear every time. I love it all except: - the blue crank bolts and skewers - they are for mountain bikes from the 80's. - the excessive spacing [screams "I can afford it but can't ride it"] - dodgey looking seat post [keep it carbon] - Long range deraillieur cage [g.a.y.] You had better ride sub 5hrs in every IM you enter or you will look like a complete wanker. This is so close to looking the absolute shizzzay, but ends up almost looking in need of a handbag m
  10. get a room guys or settle this via a PM duel fest.
  11. Are any of you guys actually reading this dudes post? he is already an ironman triathlete a few times over. An IM distance event is still an Ironman, it just does not have the same T-shirt. If you have already completed a few in your late 40's or 50's then I think you will be the best placed person to assess your capaicty to do a few more. What is there to discuss [beyond AP's lack of social decorum]? PS: as an aside AP, I think a good test of your use of slang would be utter the various terms with the locals at the Cabramatta train station, Kings Cross Station in the UK and Gr
  12. PeePee

    Ride Magazine

    PowerCranks review. These go alright but are a hazard for inexperienced cyclists [much as a fixie is too]. They have a place as a training tool for serious athletes I reckon.
  13. Just thought I would let those of you in Sydney know of a special sale this weekend. I am closing the North Parramatta store [Opening Chatswood in September] and the final days are this weekend. Anyway, I have determined to just dump all the remaining stock at half price, as what I will lose in selling it below cost is offset by the savings from storage and transport for 3 months. This is not really triathlon stuff but if anyone wants a hybrid bike, recreational mountain bike, BMX or kids bike this week then it will be the time to buy. I have listed some of the stuff on here an
  14. PeePee

    Bike wanted

    We are in Sydney, but are 24hrs and $40 charge from any eastern seaboard major metro.
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