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  1. All 'sold' except for comrades and nutrient books, I'll leave it a day then recycling bin.
  2. Hey I've got some things to tidy up, too good to bin and I hate Gumtree. Blue seventy back pack used once maybe all zippers still free and running no probs, separate compartment for wetty, great pack all round. Books all in great condition see pic for titles. Not keen to post, pick up if you're in Newcastle
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, they all make plenty of sense but I think I've got to stick with the vintage looks, I may have overstated the hills. Wardy's fun/short trip/shopping sub 10km rides are exactly what I'm seeing it used for, Reid might get a start.
  4. Hey all, I'm thinking of getting the missus a bike for Christmas, I've got a few hills about so something with gears. I've got no idea of the specs when it comes to quality of the hub or derailleur, anyone played around with nexus geared hubs ie http://www.velogear.com.au/bikes/womens/vintage/ladies-vintage-bike-dutch.html or tourney if I go for a derailleur http://www.reidcycles.com.au/reid-vintage-ladies-bicycle-7-speed.html Obviously both cheapies, but look ok and should last a few years until she may be back up for a proper roadie. Any other ideas around this budget?
  5. It's very hard to take the step back in money/position, I've got the opportunity at the the moment to go to a different roster that is 4 on 4 off but with a 10 day break every month so only 12 working days per month (12 hr shifts). Also no weekends, I currently work through about two a month. I can afford to do it and it's no doubt an amazingly family friendly roster, but in the end it's still less coin and I can't help but think I'd regret it in 5-10 years when the mortgage/super are behind where they should be.
  6. Great tool for checking NBN availability.... http://canyougetnbn.com
  7. If you can get screen shots on to Reddit there's some people on there that can do pretty impressive stuff, or even 4chan (riskier if they get on a run with info). It can be hit or miss with whether it gets enough interest but if it does you should get results.
  8. schoey

    Ebay issue

    You can't leave negative feedback for buyers anymore, you can put a negative comment in but it will still show as a positive stat unless people go in and read the comments, but I get where you're coming from.
  9. schoey

    Ebay issue

    Cool sounds like i'm not being too precious. I'll just try to cancel it. PS I'm not one of those eBayers who inflates the postage price either, the 500g bags cost ~$10.50 and I'm only charging $10.
  10. schoey

    Ebay issue

    Looking for some feedback on an Ebay transaction I'm having at the moment. I put some things on ebay, I always go for the 500g express post bags if what I'm selling will fit, I know the price, it gives me some protection (tracking) and the buyer gets their things nice and quick. So the postage is noted on the listing of course, I get a few messages from people asking if I will combine postage, yep no probs. The auctions finish and one of the buyers messages me and tells me postage is too expensive, I msg back that there are cheaper options but they don't offer me the protection, at thi
  11. Awesome effort up steps
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