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  1. Well, if you're going to judge someone, who else's standard can you use?
  2. That's true. Just not how it came across -
  3. Nothing wrong with that message.
  4. Twice. Once covered up by UCI and once got the pre dated prescription for testosterone.
  5. I think this is probably spot on!
  6. You could ask that Goughy, but that's not the point I was making. I am not a member of any cabinet, but I will say this- the rank and file police women hate the 50/50 policy as they just want to be treated as equal, not like they need some sort of special treatment (unless they are hopeless and need it, then they love the policy! But they are very few and far between)
  7. What if there are less females involved in politics and wanting pre selection and therefore the pool of suitable female candidates is lower? Why would you choose someone on the basis of gender alone? Choose the best person for the job. Labor has a higher percentage of females sure, but were they the best candidates? Who knows. Queensland police have a 50/50 recruitment policy at the moment and are taking C grade female applicants over A grade make applicants because only 30 percent of applicants are female. It's just wrong.
  8. mhvh

    Equal Pay

    I'm not for equality. I'm for, you get paid what you are worth. Now, generally, in sport, that will work itself out by viewers or what not. Also, the sponsorship dollars are where it's at in the big sports, so that's where the chicks like Williams can make the big dollars, and they deserve it.
  9. mhvh

    Point to Pinnacle

    Thanks for that. I had no idea.
  10. Absolutely. ABC, SBS and 10 all promote the left and have a much further reach than Jones or Bolt on Sky.
  11. Can you post a pic mate? Any idea on weight?
  12. So, US growth figures hit 4.1%. And they said that was impossible. Clearly not. So much for the opinion of a leftist Nobel prize winning economist.
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