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  1. 1. camp 2. fix punctures, don't just replace tubes with new ones 3. ice baths and real food instead of compression gear and proper recovery drinks 4. buy in bulk the stuff you do need 5. don't take cash to the race or you'll spend it at the expo! 6. avoid doing training rides with buddies that culminate with coffee/food 7. learn how to tune your bike yourself 8. be self suffiient on training runs/rides so you don't have to buy anything (or do multiple loops from home so you can restock) 9. unless you've got a membership, cut back trips to the pool. Make them fewer but better quality
  2. Looked like Busso last year might have been cool (to me anyway) so I hit the op-shops and bought a few items that it didn't matter if I lost/never gottem back. Vest for the bike to keep the core warm, and a long sleeve top for the special needs on the run. I don't care if my arms are icicles as long as my chest is warm coming out of the swim and onto the bike. Total cost - $6.
  3. Did you find what was causing the bunp in the shoe? is it possible to cut it out? Sounds strange, but I had this problem in one shoe only. It was right under the ball of my foot, and only slight, but noticable. turned out it was a piece of glass that had worked its way through the sole to the inside. Was almost through the innersole!
  4. + 1 on those blister patches. they're the bees knees. I'm a bit on the heavier side for a runner, and only run in addidas. I had 2 pairs of the same model last year (Solution - dunno if you can get them in Australia) - trained in one, and threw the new ones on for the race. No break in or anything. Not a problem. Lots of warnings out there aginst doing this but it worked for me!
  5. Turts

    IM 70.3 Canberra

    ah, the towel. That makes it all OK then look forward to this year then with hills! I live somewhere you might call "topographically subdued......"
  6. Turts

    IM 70.3 Canberra

    ah, thanks. I think i was a bit absorbed in Shep last year. Flat? no good. I want hills!
  7. Turts

    IM 70.3 Canberra

    no swim last year? bad weather or toxic algae?
  8. Turts

    IM 70.3 Canberra

    good one, very helpful. thanks!
  9. Turts

    IM 70.3 Canberra

    race entry does matter to me but no, not stressing, was just curious and thought i'd ask folks who may have done it before or may have some ideas. And they did. Thanks!
  10. Turts

    IM 70.3 Canberra

    yeah, I've been "watching this space" all year so far, waiting for entries to open. I also found it strange it's not listed on the 70.3 website, which lists all the events. Guess I'll just get some accom sorted in anticipation. Hopefully they get them open soon!
  11. Turts

    IM 70.3 Canberra

    anyone have any idea when registrations might open this year (2011)?
  12. several.... 1. descending a wiggly windy road in California, came round one bend (at speed) face to face with a herd of rather large deer that weren't going anywhere. Off road, down hill through the scrub, fiipped, landed on my back in a rather large prickle bush. Lucky me and bike were OK, as i was on my own with a 20km ride back to my car (and they never would have found me off the road there!) 2. caught between a large brown snake, gravel and an overtaking b-double, whilst on the aero bars. 3. as above, but this time the snake was black, and the b-double was coming towards m
  13. When I had the old plastic one, I'd give the electodes a lick before putting the strap on. Worked well. New one is one of those fabric straps with the removable bit on the front. Instructions say wet the strap well before wearing it. Seems to work perfectly when i do.
  14. Turts

    IM Tattoos

    ditto. mines on my calf. IM was more to me than just a long training day, and the tat is a reminder of where I came from, and what I achieved with the hurdles I was thrown. Buut hey, each to their own. I've had some great conversations struck up because of it, and had some piss poor comments shot in my direction.
  15. gentle stretch first ditto the ice bath if possible. If not, at least cold water (jump back in the swim?), elevate legs for a bit easily digested protein/carb drink within an hour real food meal after couple of hours. Take it easy for a couple of days, low impact if anything (swim, bike etc)
  16. My numbers are from 2006, in case that helps at all. 5 nights, one person, between caravan park and hotel on course. Average $100 per night, so $500. Ate out lunch and dinner 4 out of 5 (obviously not race day!), $100 a day, so $400. Coffees, souveniers etc, bout $200. Didn't do much else whilst i was there. Fill up fuel to get home after (big 4WD) $300 So total approx $1400.
  17. i really hope this isn't going to open that old can of worms of "using the goodwill and availabilityof the LBS to test ride something, then buy it cheaper online" (although I do see it's the same place, Cycleworld) as a matter of interest, is is the same price "in store" as on bike exchange? Pardon the ignorange - just never dealt through bike exchange.....
  18. Why assume it isn't? The JMF core aim hit a note with me on a personal level. Their association with IM simply made it easier for me to collect money, since they provided a web page for donations, independant of me going round rattling a tin. But with so many good charities out there you have to choose based on something. Who is anybody to assume why one person picked a particular charity? That irks me somewhat, people thinking I only chose JMF because of their association with IM.
  19. i'm all for using participation in an event to raise money for a charity. As I said elsewhere, IMWA I raised money for the John Maclean Foundation (if you don't know who he is, you need to do some Googling). I was already doing the race, and thought it a good opportunity to get support from my friends and family for a good cause. The one thing that bugs me about charities is that its starting to seem as though every person whose ever lost anyone to cancer/leukemia/road trauma etc starts up their own chaarity to raise money for that cause. Feels like it would make more sense to sav
  20. 43 here, but still at work, so no nudie runs yet (From another female, kid-less, tree hugger)
  21. the volunteers at the races, no matter the length. Always try and have a chat at some point, to get their story of why they volunteer. Some awesome folks
  22. yep, I'm slow. I'm not competitive. I'd love to be but no, I'm crap and I know it. But I like triathlon cos no matter how crap I am (within limits) I can atill have a go and improve myself. Team sports aren't for me cos I feel bad if I let the team down. I get what you mean, but name me one SPORT where you can only participate if you're the ELITE? Not a specific competition like the Olympics, but a whole actual sport. Everything's got it's B grade!
  23. I did it for the John Maclean Foundation this year
  24. So if only the current top 30% are allowed to enter, then next year thats a full 100% of the field. Do you cut it at the top 30% of the earlier top 30% the next year? Gonna be an awfully lonely and expensive race pretty soon!
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