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  1. I don't necessarily agree with becoming a marginal seat as the recipe for success. 

    It's like switching footy teams to support the one that happens to be winning at the time. 

    Political Parties generally have a stance on a situation and a posiiton of values/.  How can you just flip flop between them? 

    Also, if a community swichs all the time, why would a member want to invest if their community doesn't support them? 


    (just plaing devils advocate - neither position wored for our community. We got nothing with a long term incumbent, and nothing with a swinger)


  2. 1 hour ago, ComfortablyNumb said:


    Yes, my SIL has ascertained it is part of the total cost, not an extra cost.....not that you'd ever know when you book using Stayz.

    Never seen this sort of multiple charging and refunding happen before, for any online transactions?  Usually with accomm. they either charge the whole lot up front, or it is one deposit, then one final payment closer to the stay time?

    Yeah that's a bit odd. 

    $500 is a big hidden cost! 

  3. 4 hours ago, ComfortablyNumb said:

    Fark me, my sister-in-law has now booked our Xmas place at Culburra Beach through Stayz following our Booking.com debacle.

    The website quoted a price which we all agreed on, she booked, a deposit was taken with the remainder due in November......and then the next day the @#$%s charged her card another $490 for a 'Homeaway fee'.  WTF is that?  She has emailed them to ask.  Did not seem to be anything about it in the booking conditions?

    Never had this sort of shit happen before booking accomm. online?  Has Covid turned all these pricks into crooks?

    Easier just to stay at home.

    This mob? 



  4. 12 minutes ago, Peter said:

    Have you even had a case up there in the last 9 months?

    nope. Nothing since 2 from Adelaide airport travellers in March last year.

    Closest geographically would be the Shep escape from Melbourne. 

    Complacency is rife considering there are no movement restrictions in Vic, and with holidays, we have people here from everywhere. 

    We also have daily sheningans dealing with the border closure on the Bridge. 

  5. 53 minutes ago, Peter said:


    I haven’t seen one person in ages at Coles not wearing a mask. Everyone does. Same at Bunnings. 


    43 minutes ago, MissJess said:

    I reckon with the lockdown you guys endured you would be doing anything to make sure you don't go through that again.

    In my part of Sydney (Ryde and Canada Bay) see around 85% wearing them properly, the other 15% are dopes with them being worn as earrings or chin warmers while talking on the phone (and near others on escalators) or wearing them with their nose poking out.


    Up here in Regional Vic, it's aorund 60%  reckon. 

  6. 1 hour ago, roxii said:

    Can Ash Barty win by forfeit?

    With some players  not coming, some not able to come because they tested positive, and now a whole lot unable to train for 14 days, its going to be a debacle of an Open! 

  7. 41 minutes ago, MissJess said:

    Yeah flight is 18 hours, possibly more.

    maybe the charter flight is slower then?  smaller plane? 

    I flew LA to Sydney many times and im fairly sure it wasnt 18 hrs (it was 15 years ago though, when I lived in California).  Melbs is only a little further. 

  8. A spokesperson for COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria said the infections were in an aircrew member and an Australian Open participant who was not a player who have both been transferred to a “health hotel”.

    “The passenger tested negative to his pre-departure test,” the spokesperson said.

    “The aircrew member and the passenger have been interviewed and transferred to a health hotel as per normal processes for positive cases.

    “All remaining 66 passengers on the flight have been determined to be close contacts. Any players and support people will not be able to leave quarantine to attend training.”

  9. 2 hours ago, roxii said:

    And so it begins:

    Two people onboard a specially chartered flight into Melbourne for the Australian Open have tested positive for coronavirus, meaning players travelling with them will be confined to their rooms and unable to train for 14 days.


    So they were all tested before they boarded and could only board if negative. Flight was from LA. Whats that, 14 hours? 

    Test positive on arrival. 

    That is some damn timing.......

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