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  1. Turts


    Having now changed the recomendation for AZ to over 60's, they now have another decade of peeps wanting pfizer. There isn't enough to do the 40-49 at the moment, so it's a bit rubbish. The infintessimally small risk becomes slightly les the older you get, so now 60 is the new 50?
  2. Turts


    I hate unpacking. I wish that when I get home from a holiday all my stuff magically gets back into the cupboards all on it's own (washed as well)
  3. Turts


    and was actually sick scine the 3rd. so all that travel. Only got tested on the 8th. ef##### SOB's
  4. Turts


    ah, thanks! I think I tried every other combination of trichat, boards, but with com's and au's Bookmarked!
  5. Turts


    ? I tried to find one, but where was it?
  6. Turts


    some people eh? Seems they travelled from Mlebourne. So broke Vic rules, NSW rules and Qld rules. Went through country NSW and then the coast. 8 days since leaving Melb.
  7. Turts


    NSW - we have 2 cases of community transmission. We don't know where it came from. It's been out in the community infectious for a while. Thsi is extremely dangerous as it is highly infectious. NSW - it's the same genomic sequence as a traveller in hote quarantine - but we don't knwo the intermediate step and how it got out. It has been out there infectious in the community in many venues for ages. This is bad. Other States - shut the doors to Sydney hotspot people. Isolate isolate isolate! COVID 19 - I CBF anymore. GO about your business people, nothing to see
  8. This Saturday is this coming Saturday. Next Saturday is "the next Saturday" - which needs context. If I say I'm having a tooth out on Monday the 8th, so won't be up for a ride until the next Saturday...... thats the context. I think by common laziness, we dropped the "the"
  9. Turts


    And yet still reserve the right to jump up and down when we put a short term halt on being "open" to a country with amasive outbreak, as we need to preserve "the unaliencable right to return home to your country..... (where you have a passport of convenience, so you can take advantage of our systems when it suits you only, or when you hedged your bets to make lots of money and it went pear shaped so you want to come home)"
  10. the $40 stubby holder is crazy. If you need a stubby holder to keep your beer cold for that long, you're doing it wrong.
  11. Turts


    so no lockdown yet, but no spectators at the AFL derby this arvo - thats a big call and I'm surised he made it actually. Was thinking he'd announce a lockdown at fulltime. ....... Seems the guard and his roomies were also food delivery drivers.
  12. Turts


    so another WA hotel escape - security guard, who gave it to 2 other houselhold members yesterday. Stay tuned for mcgowans response......
  13. Turts


    Becasue in this case, individuals decisions affect more than just themselves - either by being a carrier to those that cannot be vaccinated, or in enough numbers, giving States and Feds the reason to keep things shut down. Like speeding and drink driving. If we knew an individuals choice to drive drunk or speed was only going to affect them, so be it. But the chances their decision will affect others means there are laws around it, and consequences for breaking them.
  14. Turts


    Interesting that in all the respondents here, most are over 50 and selling how they can get a shot. Anyone else here under 50? 🐢
  15. Turts


    Yeah, qlders aren't that smart? For once us Victorians aren't the trouble makers.
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