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  1. Then individual accountability does need to be considered. Many aboriginal people want to live on their homelands - so no employment. Want the Govt to supply housing, food and medical care at city standards. Won't travel to towns for dialysis. Will travel for a booze run. Or someone in the family will. Break the laws created and upheld by the "government" they want to give them money, land, housing etc. paid for by us taxpayers whom they brand as the devils spawn and the cause of them abusing their own kids. But we can't send them to prison for the same thing a white perosn would ge
  2. and how would that be measured?
  3. OR, the day the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948, came into effet, and we all became Australian Citizens, not Brits. Jan 26, 1949
  4. and what do we call disadvantage? Comparing life expectancy etc also involved their own choices to live where they do, excessive alcohol, lack of employment, in some cases lack of personal accountability, expecting the govt to provide houses etc. A white person who choses to live in the bush doesn't get a free house and the right to demand equal house, electricty, food costs, education and such. Some want to live on their homelands in the middle of Aus - but want city standard provision of services and housing
  5. But at what point do we consider any ongoing disadvantage the responsibility of the individual, not the history? Where we have alcohol, drug abuse, theft, based on an individuals lack of care, do we still say thats a disadvantage we have forced on them? Where those families have been given houses, education opportunities, non-competitive access to jobs (and have trashed/abused all), are the rest of us still liable to give them another house? And tolerate them stealing our cars and breaking into our houses becasue 250 years ago the Brits landed? I understand intergenerational issues
  6. If the pros are willing to drop the required coin to run a separate race without the $$ from the age grouper entries, then go for it. As an AGer, I wouldn't pay twice as much for my entry so they could play their own game. But until the sport brings in enough sponsor $$ from TV, gimicks and merchandise, then they need to suck it up and play where the course is. It would take a fair few $$ for people, permits, hire gear etc for a separate long course event, no?
  7. Turts


    Last year there were occasions where they were picking it up in sewerage in regional towns with no known cases, links, self isolating peeps and no hotel quarantine. They encouraged those towns to increase testing , but as far as I remember, no positive cases were ever recorded. But for fragments in sewerage, someone must have had it at some point - active or shedding.
  8. Plus houses built by government. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-01-27/indigenous-artist-djambawa-marawili-living-in-tent-poor-housing/13092926 In his Arnhem Land community of Baniyala, four hours' drive from the nearest town of Nhulunbuy, the 20 houses which more than 100 people live in were mostly built in the 1970s. Many, like his, are falling apart. He is now calling on the two governments to start reinvesting in housing in the NT's 500 smallest, most remote communities, called homelands. "I would like to have a decent house, a decent house means like other peop
  9. The decision makers would have known the freakout they were about to create. Especially given the uproar about the arena name a little while ago. I just feel there has to be something more behind it. Its only social media and a bit of major stream geeing it up. Nothing from the defence? And more people getting their own last 5 min of fame by giving theirs back.
  10. Turts


    With no positive cases being reported, but reporting of the virus in sewerage, I wonder if any over-protective premiers will start declaring places red zones (or such) based on sewerage data. It would be extreme and ridiculous to me, but I'm not holding my breath for reason .....
  11. And a time when there is no "they" - we are all individuals with the same rights and responsibilities. Even my post above - we have a chunk of the response that "they" want to be recognised and have other benefits - yet "they" want to stand on their own two feet and not be highlighted as indigenous. Individals want, expect and need different things.
  12. Jan 26 isn't even the date of arrival, colonisation, invasion, or anything. Really, it's the date people who lived in Australia became Australians, not Brits - "Australian citizenship was created through the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948, and came into effect 26 January 1949" . The FF arrived a week earlier in Botany Bay. They moved to Sydney cove on Jan 25, and on the 26 had a sausage in bread for brekky (with onions on the top). Moving the date won't change anything, as we will still be commemorating the same thing, and lose the connection with other important things
  13. whats the %? I can't remmeber what the actual referendum numbers were
  14. I don't necessarily agree with becoming a marginal seat as the recipe for success. It's like switching footy teams to support the one that happens to be winning at the time. Political Parties generally have a stance on a situation and a posiiton of values/. How can you just flip flop between them? Also, if a community swichs all the time, why would a member want to invest if their community doesn't support them? (just plaing devils advocate - neither position wored for our community. We got nothing with a long term incumbent, and nothing with a swinger)
  15. Ah, awesome, thanks! Ill look into it.
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