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  1. Said she had 11 aliases? WTF for?
  2. There's a lot of people here who've shat on other people in their past .... looking for redemption?
  3. Just watching and saw them refer to Bella, a conwoman. Good the contestants and came up with "Arabella Del Busso (model)" Is that the cancer conwoman from Adelaide? If so..... sh#t
  4. Out here its people buying out of town on a dirt road and petitioning council to get it sealed because of the dust (for the 3 people that live on that road)
  5. Turts


    If he wanted the kiwis to not enter vic, then he should have had his own border control. Right now, anyone can enter Vic. But for the most part,Vic's can't go other states. He stuffed that one up. And then lied. Yep.
  6. @Admino this arena is being spammed it seems
  7. I always thought that the tiers weren't evenly split. The cheaper tiers have only a few spots to drive early demand , but it hits the max tier at less than 30% or so
  8. Turts


    thats shit for you. Have been dreading something similar happening here - but at least we are further away from melbourne - but the town is full of people openly admitting they are up from melbourne!
  9. Turts


    Exactly. He'd already fessed up to doing things he shouldn't have done - eating in etc. He was already not going to be fined as they needed to know the truth. Yet he withheld important other places he'd been. Now there's about 6 places he went in Shep that he shouldn't have (Melb restrictions follow you, even if you have a permit to be in regional vic)
  10. Turts


    These two bold bits are at odds. If the cleaner told the shop, then they have some culpability in not taking any action, even if it was prior to "official" notification. C'mon, we've been at this long enough for people to know this shit.
  11. Turts


    And now, there are a bunch of cases in Shepparton. When the contact tracers found some cases had been to a tyre shop, they put the idea together with the Kilmore tyre shop. They asked the guy, and yes, he had lied. he had been to a bunch of places in Shep. If he had been forthcoming initially, this would have been avoided. THIS isnt Dans fault. They have repeatedly said they won't fine people if they broke the rules, if they tell the truth about where they have been. This character needs to be lynched. Now looks like, because of one lying idiot, we will not
  12. Turts

    New Logo etc

    And lightened the Vegemite load (Sao dipped in Vegemite wasn't it?)
  13. bike shop here has bugger all stock coming. Taking orders on bikes knowing they won't be in until next year.
  14. Turts

    New Logo etc

    isn't it that whomever goes first takes the lead ? I'm sure folks will love it katz! Cranky did a round of Boco visors - sure she could help with thoughts of their ability
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