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  1. Nick777


    He had a local.
  2. Speaking of Tommy Emmanuel - even if you only watch the first few minutes, this is well worth it.
  3. Nick777

    Wurf watch

    I don't know, man... to my thinking, how can his running not suffer from doing hardly any running for the last 3 months, compared to the 100k weeks he was doing at the same time last year? On the surface, it might not look like it's going backwards.. but I reckon the lack of consistent swimming & running won't show itself until it does (if that makes sense). I have been on the bandwagon for a long time, and for mine, this year will not help him win Kona. I seem to be one of few who thinks that if he had a perfect prep this year & next, he could actually win it, regardless of who
  4. Doesn't often get a mention, but I love it...
  5. Nick777

    Wurf watch

    IMO, he needed another year or two of the same sort of running & swimming as last year in order to go close at Kona. His average k's per week are just over half of what he was doing last year. Only doing 40k per week, with big gaps of bugger all (unless he his keeping it secret from his team) is going to set him back a long way. Just my opinion of course. I don't begrudge him doing what he is doing, mind you. But to win Kona, I would have thought he needed to keep the trajectory he had going with his running.
  6. When Prince died, I put RAGE on at about 12.30am hoping that there would be a marathon, and this song was playing. I loved it immediately, the sound & vision. HIGHLY recommended..
  7. Zappa, way ahead of his time in terms of music video..
  8. Nick777

    Wurf watch

    I thought he was an outside chance to win Kona next year, I think his chances now at being a factor are basically zero.
  9. Dev. The man with an opinion on everything
  10. Well our favourite twits poster has spelled it out...Richie wouldn't be that great in an IM bike because he is too small & is only really good at 20 minute efforts 🙄
  11. Amazing player, under rated on a world scale.
  12. IMO ...each has their own place in the musical jungle. Most people used to look at me blankly when I'd play them Vai, Malmsteen, Satch..but when I found a like minded person, it was heaven! The hardest thing for (and goal of) any musician is to have an identifiable sound. The people you mentioned above generally achieved that, to their credit. And of course....Scores of players loved Eddie, EVH loved Clapton, Clapton loved Hendrix, and so it goes.. Vai got me into Zappa, which opened a massive world to me.
  13. I have seen Yngwie three times, so I know a lot of his stuff, but I get what you are saying. The reason I had him as one of the 4 was because he really elevated the technical side of things to where nobody had been before. And to me, his playing is much, much different to Eddie's, and not like anything before it. Harmonic minors, amazing sweep picking etc etc.. Vinnie Vincent...now there's an interesting guy!!!!!! Malmsteen used to scallop his own necks before he got Fender to do it...so maybe he is the one you are thinking of?
  14. Nice spot I had 3 massive posters of him on my wall.
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