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  1. Original, and still in remarkably good shape.
  2. I'm still wearing Banesto '96 gear & a Deutsch Telekom '97 top!
  3. I thought it might have just been me...what happened with the site?
  4. Same, until I realised the surname was first
  5. When Wurf TT's, he is rock solid & his body barely moves an inch.
  6. Fingers crossed & stay strong.
  7. I watched a couple of his races recently. Huge talent.
  8. Not across her training of course, but on face value she should be running more & swimming less.
  9. Nick777

    Couch to Kona

    Just on another note, I worked at an ITU world champs back in 2000, and one of the age groupers i was talking to from either Canada or Sth Africa did a 2.40 to qualify - in 25-29 male..! I think you needed about a 1.55-57 in Aus at that point.
  10. Nick777

    Couch to Kona

    The ability to train week after week, year after year - without getting substantially injured - is a talent in itself.
  11. That looks a bit like Bart Simpson having a thought bubble
  12. Never tested positive
  13. Nick777

    Couch to Kona

    1.10 per 100 yards short course is more like 1.21 per 100m LC.
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