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  1. I've had an interesting development in the past fortnight. I suffer from depression and am medicated. In the last 3 months my irritability and anger outburts has increased dramatically to a point where my wife had to save one of my son's from my clutches one evening. There was many a day where I would of been happy for my world to end. From some other symptoms I was having, my GP sent me for a chest X-ray which found an enlarged thyroid. I then had an ultrasound and the got the results last night. I have a substantial lesion on my left lobe which more than likely has been causing an ov
  2. Or The Baxter Inn for a drink, especially if you're a whisky drinker: http://thebaxterinn.com/index.html
  3. Recently recommended to me by a mate as I asked a similar question (not sure on costs though): ananas.com.au http://www.chiswickrestaurant.com.au/ http://www.rockpool.com/sydney/spice-temple/ I liked this place: http://www.threeblueducks.com/dinner.html
  4. Has anyone seen or heard from SamuelEBrown lately? I remember he was doing it very tough a few months back and haven't seen a post from him for a while.
  5. But Anakin didn't kill Padme...just saying.
  6. And the article in the SMH described her as "The leggy blonde model". Maybe he has heard that one too many times. I'm not trying to make light of the situation as it's very tragic but I thought this was not the best choice of words.
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