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  1. Apologies for resuscitating an old thread, but my wife and I have found a block of land we like and I'd some questions answered if possible: 1. The land already has a DA lodged on it with plans etc which were submitted by the vendor. The DA is 'pending' which I've asked the council about. Anyway, am I bound to build the same house that has been submitted with the DA? 2. If I have to build the house that has been submitted with the DA, does making internal modification (e.g removing 2 bathrooms) negate the DA 3. How do I find out estimate costs to build the house as per these plans?
  2. Salary plus expat allowance (more as a family) plus housing allowance plus school fees plus sign on and termination pay. I'm not at management level nor in Saudi so possibly that's why it's different to you.
  3. Thanks all. I'd get a pretty decent sign on payment so I was thinking of moving some stuff over. Probably not everything but enough to make the transition easier. I also get a shipping home allowance too when the contract ends. I think I'll get in touch with Crown. Most of my son's bedroom furniture is from ikea; ship it over or just buy it locally? Thanks again.
  4. Hi TenPints That would be appreciated if you could PM me his contact details. Thanks
  5. Hello I may be moving to Abu Dhabi in the near future and am considering shipping furniture etc over. Can anyone recommend an international shipping company they've used? or am I better off just storing it all in Sydney and buying new furniture locally? Thanks
  6. This surgeon operates out of Nepean: http://www.orthosports.com.au/content_common/pg-todd-gothelf.seo
  7. I've had 2 different foot and ankle ops by 2 different surgeons in Sydney. A microfracture for a talar dome lesion by Dr Peter Lam and a bursa removed from my big toe by Dr John Negrine. Both were excellent but I don't think either work from Neapan. But Negrine is affiliated with Orthosports (http://www.orthosports.com.au/content_common/pg-john-negrine.seo) who do have a Penrith office. Good luck.
  8. Thanks everyone. I might just pay for 6 hours at the Transit Hotel. Thanks Plazbot.
  9. Paging the well travelled folks on here... I have a quick stay in Singapore between an arriving flight and a ferry the next morning. Ferry is near the airport so was hoping of staying around Changi. Anyone know any decent airport hotels? Or is it possible to find a bench in Changi Airport for 6 hours once through customs? Thanks
  10. My son's favourite video. He was studying Scotland at school and showed this as part of a presentation.
  11. I mainly do XC riding too so I ride with bib shorts and jersey - the same as if I was on the road. I throw a pair of boardies over my bibs when I ride with my 8 yo son though. I always wear long-fingered gloves and specific MTB shoes. I've never worn and padding but with some of the crashes I've had I wish I did.
  12. Practice standing starts. Start with rolling on your bike, both feet clipped in, slowed down as much as you can and then sprint for 100m. Do multiples of them. Do it somewhere that is straight and non-technical (bike track) so you can concentrate on sprinting rather than dodging things etc.
  13. JimmyC had a good article on his website titled "don't noodle in the pool" or something similar. Basically supported the method of high volume for all swimmers even if it's just in small blocks. Say 3 months over summer for example. The benefits of doing this carried over for many months when you then reduced the volume plus, as mentioned by the coaches, it doesn't take away from your riding and running fitness. And a swim is a great form of recovery.
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