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  1. No you absolutely can test pos from a supplement in my view. There is plenty of stuff out there as I said above even stuff you can buy at Woolies that will get you a positive test. Its not regulated by the TGA properly and its pot luck unless you know what you are taking and taking a reliable brand. You can get off on that defence but its expensive, time consuming and will probably take 2 years anyway so you may as well cop it on the chin, keep your money and take up surfing or playing the guitar. Hilton McMurdo just copped his ban and is back racing I believe. That is combined wit
  2. You are an A grader. But its smooth and fast since resurfacing with a little hill which is painful when overweight. Sixty riders in B and A last Friday night. 65-70km down the back, probably one of the best circuits around to get comfortable descending in a bunch and learning how to hold position going up....
  3. TUV Mjainoz Parkside Coach@ TrinewB Sugarplumfairy Quack Flanman Gizmo lawman TenPints The Chump Rog Shot'is workinglikeadog Birdman stuart01 flathead IronJimbo LeapinLeroy astrogirl
  4. I have performed the secret handshake and sacrificed a goat and now have 'the document'. Any person who has not previously participated in this frivolity needs to PM me with their real name, AG and reference to results if available. Im highly susceptible to people being nice to me for a change. Maybe I should try to be nice to myself and see how that goes as well. PS Anything with James Squire on the carton left in the foyer my luxurious waterfront residence at Cronulla may enhance the process.
  5. Trek is writing this from his perspective as a very very good sprinter who can win lots. Im don't know if he is going to cover the 'initiating a break' subject but bike racing as well as being savvy is also about luck and using the terrain and maximising your strengths. Sometimes in crits breaks stick. Or sometimes you can attack and hope a few come across to you and keep working and you can sprint from a small bunch. On these occasions its wise to share the preems if they come up and communicate. A case study/example of this.... Heffron Park in a strong southerly - block headwind for
  6. Pretty much. Only the dummies get caught, and only the super dummies for 'inadvertent use' and a positive test. Science doesn't catch the cutting edge cheats on the good stuff higher up the food chain. Never has.
  7. ... Ill bet. The other saying that springs to mind is "you can fool some of the people all of the time".
  8. Alex isn't dumb. Translated into bogan the above means you cant polish a turd btw. Is that right Alex? Im dumb but Im not stupid.
  9. TUv5.0

    Bont vs Shimano

    Ill also add (as I should) that bike shoes are a very personal thing and one area where one can derive a substantial amount of benefit and value add from dealing with a retailer Nash Kent at Park bikes knows his stuff and thus this is an area where you would be prepared to pay a little more and get the fit, but don't be discouraged until you mould the things, I also know people who don't like the Bont innersoles and use the Specialzed ones, so there are many solutions but the product is sound. The issue is when you walk into a bike shop and they steer you in a certain direction it is b
  10. TUv5.0

    Bont vs Shimano

    Bonts are an awesome product. Ill happily say when they were getting a foothold through the generosity of Steve who is the CEO I got a few pairs for free but now I pay for them, and as you have probably worked out if I don't like something I don't use it as I can happily buy what I want as I have no wife to pester me.. I really like Shimano shoes and Im also good friends with them but Im sold on the Bonts. I have a bit of an Imelda complex and have embarrassingly a few too many pairs, three road pairs a pair of zeros I use on the track and for a giggle I got a pair of the new triathlon on
  11. TUv5.0

    Bont vs Shimano

    Or me I have 45s
  12. TUv5.0

    Bont vs Shimano

    I'm 45 in Shimano and 45 in Bont.
  13. TUv5.0

    Bont vs Shimano

    Vaypor not Vaypor + I have both
  14. You betcha it is.... they cant help talking it up and showing off their wealth. Very few drug dealers know drive Commodores or know how to do 'tastefully understated'... Hey just get out of prison pony up the cash to buy a business? No worries. I wonder where the money came from? haha.
  15. Amazing coincidence about people in the drag racing industry being drug cooks too. House blew up in Menai a few weeks ago. Whoops.
  16. Wow the weather report was wrong. Now that never happens huh? Lot of people out on their tri bikes this morning... few had the sprint past the old fat guy doing a recovery ride and then look over the shoulder to make sure they weren't being caught thing going on. WTF is going on there? Another goodly proportion of people on their tri bikes with aero set up but not riding on their aero bars, learning how to be comfortable on them. Just another day on the Waterfall derby. Mad mile had its usual silliness, but at least the sun was out and it was pleasant.
  17. With the additional factor of thinking they are a genius and have thought up a scheme or methodology no one else has tried and that they will never get caught as the plods are stupid, and will never get onto them. Which is funny. Fairly standard garden variety egomaniac/sociopathic behaviour. .. hey Lats Ive only got two warning points you probably pissed someone off by being honest. Seems to be a problem here - honesty when it hurts someones precious feelings.
  18. I might add Ive also raced at Muzz in Qld and Sandown in Victoria, these are also great circuits, Sandown is a longer circuit open to the wind Muzz is very tight and short.
  19. Worth adding that Heffron has two different kinds of racing over summer, the Tuesday night series is a handicap format i.e. C grade goes first with a head start, B Grade next and A grade last of all, additionally when you get pro tour standard riders I think they have even started them behind A grade. The result of this is all the bunches at first are riding hard to stay away until the last third of the race or so where you can work out if your bunch is going to get caught or not, sometimes its a near thing and you have to keep going and then sprint in that situation or sometimes there is
  20. If Im required to do the handicapping I will Nealo, you just gotta let me know and provide me with the spreadsheet. Beer is cold in my fridge.
  21. Good tyres are ridiculously cheap now. Bike bug has the nice conti gp4000s for 39 bucks. They are a good tyre. If you are riding clinchers for Forster roads and you are bigger Id seriously consider min 23c or even 25c. I just got a pair of HED Ardennes plus CL 25s and put 25 contis on them and wow. I have a power meter no penalty and they roll amazing and very comfortable. They may just be the best training wheels Ive ever used.
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