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  1. There is a post going around on FB with the lowest drag ever recorded in the LSWT in Sandy Eggo. On a P3. Compared to the blob on top the bike makes **** all difference really once you get to a certain standard of bike.
  2. Trust me I understand the principles and I believe the enforcement out there is pretty good but the over riding factor is cycling is an inherently hazardous activity mate. This isn't the time for long winded discussions but I think you are mistaken if you think Im relaxed about zero accountability. It simply appears to be a tragic accident. Id suggest wait until the coroner delivers his or her finding. Im just stating facts. It easily could have been you or me and arguing about it wont bring him back and irrespective of what you do there will be rocks out there tomorrow and the next day. S
  3. I don't have any info on the following regarding names and results (apologies for my ignorance): Lawman and the Chump.. Quack I have your first name and a comprehensive list of your results but not your surname or AG Kudos to Nealo for putting all this together btw.
  4. Love hearing that shit. Don't tell everyone
  5. This is sad but death is sad. I'm pragmatic about death and we are all going to die. A typical sentiment in death is wanting to blame someone or something. Like the guy that died at Turramurra last week it's just an accident. The rock may have been there from rain. Another cyclist may have chucked it off the bike lane a million other scenarios. Just accept it sad as it is no malice or wreckless behaviour involved. I'd rather die doing something I love than in a home shitting my pants. Cycling is dangerous. So is walking down the street. You have to live your life. If you want to do s
  6. Great to see mate using your head and the conditions to gain advantage! Bet it felt very satisfying.
  7. ... good rule of thumb to follow... If it makes outrageous claims about raising your testosterone, growing your hair back or giving you a longer harder erection, it probably isn't performance enhancing but you have a good chance of getting a positive test from a lot of that stuff. So stick to the Suisse, good quality sleep and don't eat. Being lighter is generally more performance enhancing than any drug. Read Tylers book. He was taking testosterone for recovery every night and never had a positive test. So like I was saying if you are an organised, resourced and well informed meth
  8. Lucky we don't have any triathletes that suffer from this... Profile of the Sociopath This website summarizes some of the common features of descriptions of the behavior of sociopaths. •Glibness and Superficial Charm •Manipulative and Conning They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims. •Grandiose Sense of Self Feels entitled to certain things
  9. Sociopathy? Oh no test for HGH by the way. Just the ugly test when you see older people who cant deal with getting older on it. Ive seen better looking junkies.
  10. EPO is naturally occurring hormone. Same as testosterone and HGH. All of which can be manufactured synthetically.
  11. Apparently they have secret powers that help that too? I think that's what the marketing said.
  12. Maybe it will be the Caster Semeya defence? ... whoops there's a testicle in their somewhere?
  13. I thought I said that kinda... But yeah that's what I meant. The science for this sort of stuff is pretty clear. Hey we developed the test for EPO, so they just went and did summink else.
  14. Excellent that's the spirit. Anyone who rides a high tech non UCI legal triathlon bike needs no assistance anyway since those bikes are so bullshit fast.
  15. Mate ASADA need some help according the papers yesterday they cant even remember a blokes phone no let alone get access to one. Read the story about Darren 'The Gazelle' Hibbert. Its funny. I used to get target tested all the time as I was the biggest guy and didn't travel as I had a job. Its keystone cops Im sorry to say, and Id suggest since the massive doping revelations that happened last year were essentially a PR exercise for a dying government Id suggest a few things are going to be DIW, and ASADAs budget might be one of them. Either that or they have already made the re
  16. And Flanman its time to give the trophy back.
  17. yeah yeah.... No worries okay... B grade Fri.
  18. Im actually going to try and act more like a responsible adult and try to be fair with this. WLAD looks like he will have to run around in the shower to get wet so he is off scratch. Yeah so just make sure I get your info and then you can rubbish the shit out of each other (and especially me).
  19. Check the horses arse thread which I put up to ensure you all know its me and send me a PM if you haven't done this before, Ill try to have them done by Weds. Cairns? Excellent heat acclimatisation.
  20. He hasn't raced in a while and so we don't turn him off mate Ill vouch for you as long as you don't win. Im actually on the club committee... ... see my horses arse post for instructions as to how to make this happen.. (no Im joking.) A return to racing in B grade for you would be good. But not for long. I might add Sutho racing is good because we are down in a hollow and you are sheltered from the wind so its generally very safe racing too.
  21. See my post above. I don't want to be disrespectful or flippant mate, but you don't actually have any exculpatory evidence? i.e. admissible proof that will get her out of the shit? So she just told you she is innocent yeah? Okay. Mate you wouldn't believe the amount of people Ive dealt with over the years and their mums all tell me they are innocent because they are "good boys"... haha
  22. ... so two years if you aren't a cheat and come back and be more careful next time (even if you are a cheat haha) will pass pretty quickly.
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