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  1. Besides apparently I don't fit the politically correct symmetry apparently. Funny how people change when political considerations and ambitions come into play.
  2. You have a lot more in common w Tony Abbott so you can do it mate.
  3. She has a 1.35 and a 1.45 time recorded so its all up to her.
  4. Problem is we will hear more of him now than we ever did. My blood pressure still goes up a notch when I see or hear that fat arsed whinging ranga **** of a thing she is... ****ing ukuleles? WTF? Next the rebuttal of Juliars rubbish and a book deal and associated publicity. I guess they just don't get that people are sick of the sight and sound of them, and as long as they are around the chances of the ratbags having another go at ****ing the country are lessened as people wont ever forget either of them as for them its all about them... so on that basis I can put up with it. In fact the o
  5. ... and if I missed anyone sorry, let me know.
  6. Okay here we go: TUV 20.00 Mjainoz 6.00 (haha) Coach@ Scratch TrinewB 8.30 Quack 15.30 Flanman 32.00 Lawman 10.00 (haven't heard back so this is subject to completely arbitrary and malicious change if someone can word me up) TenPints 17.00 The Chump 18.00 Shot'is 14.30 WLAD 8.00 Birdman 11.30 Stuart 01 16.00 Flathead 22.00 IronJumbo 20.00 (battle of the fatties w me) LeapinLeroy 10.00 AstroGirl 40.00 AshleyS 2.30 GeorgeBob 15.00.... Now evidently how this works is you come to me at the finish or my able bodied assistant w your finish time and we work it out from there
  7. I know plenty of people who would give him a hundred bucks to piss off - as long as he uses it on English lessons. Hey there are plenty of self proclaimed prophets who think they are rooly rooly smart pedalling their spiels on youtoob... Osama Bin Sutto is just proclaiming a triathlon Jihad after having his tyres pumped up by his cult of followers.
  8. Ill add to this discussion of course that there are generally three sides to every story - both sides and the truth, and Ive accepted Im not much good at marriage or relationships as Im very set in my ways and although I love the company of women I also like them to leave after morning coffee and let me have the day to myself. Thus I wont be getting married or cohabitating again. I actually think Im a pretty good Dad but that's because I love being a Dad so much. My only regret is not having more kids.
  9. That's where Im going wrong. I don't link my TP, Garmin or whatever the ****else to FB and don't have a Strava account.
  10. Nah just buy another bike and talk about bikes on social media.
  11. Edited for correctness he was born in 1960. Do the math.
  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brett_Sutton In 1999 Sutton pleaded guilty in an Australian court to five offences against a girl swimmer, the first offence occurring in the late 1980s, when the girl was 14 years old, and he was her coach. The judge said that Sutton had "interfered with her sexually in a gross and disgraceful way" and "abused [his] role to an inexcusable degree". That about covers it.
  13. I heard power balance bands are making a comeback along with beam bikes.
  14. I think u should opt out of this discussion regarding marriage children and custody while u are ahead m'dear. But two reasons I guess u and I must meant to be together and secondly yes the common denominator in our relationships is ourselves. For those that knew each they know the reasons why and the choices we make. The second one wasn't crazy but there were a few good reasons why that didn't work out. FWIW we are still very close and Im not too proud to say (and neither would she) that we were the love of each others lives. That's been particularly hard on both of us. If you want an
  15. Click on my name and another screen will open up it says send message you chump .
  16. Mate Ive been told the entire process is free including the lawyers. In terms of getting the orders registered you can file yourself if you know some basic stuff, we had a parenting agreement but she has repeatedly breached it when she gets the shits so this time Im getting the orders changed. The antics Ive experienced particularly through my second marriage and that break down are typical of the bitter and twisted parent, so Ive just been patient waited until my boy was a little older, set my personal feelings aside (which is very hard I know) and Im going hard now as the next few years are
  17. Just happened across this. Few short facts. Law has changed immensely related to child custody arrangements. The presumption is now 50/50 at law. The second thing a lot of you have missed is the mandatory (free) family relationship centre process which each parent is obliged to participate in. If a parent refuses to participate a 60L certificate is tendered to the family court which is not favourable to the non participatory parent unless there are valid reasons for not participating in the mediation process. You have to participate in a group session and tick the boxes (just do it
  18. Have any of you given much thought to how these bikes with a huge sail area will perform in horrendous cross winds? Particularly if you are under 80kgs.. On a normal TT bike you can at least change the wheels. Im hanging onto my p3 for the time being. Seems bike evolution to the contrary it isn't slowing me down. Michael Rogers used one in the Olympics last year too.
  19. Other thing I learned about all this aero stuff is what looks fast doesn't mean anything. Test it. With you. Aerodynamics aren't everything either it still has to pedal, stop, climb descend and go around corners safely.
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