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  1. ... and politicians can slander whoever they want without consequences. Its called Parliamentary privelige.
  2. Couple of the nastiest ones Ive ever seen in Immersion, the surfing movie you must have imho... explains a lot about the love of the ocean and some truly spectacular and scary waves, and the two cloudbreak sessions from 2011 and 2012 the biggest most perfect paddle in waves I have ever seen. As for wipeouts in terms of consequence guy still hasn't been found who went under a lip at Haleiwa yesterday in a wipeout very similar to Mark Foos at Mavericks.
  3. My numbers are very average in training.
  4. Actually I just had a look. That's a nice beam bike. As far as beam bikes go. I remember when Brad and Welchy had theirs when Zipp brought them out, I really honestly cannot see the benefits, modelling is all nice and that but seriously? I remember going down the top of descending just near the hairpin (if you have ridden it you will know it and overtaking a guy white knuckling the brakes on one years and years ago when the beam shifted sideways, he nearly took me and the GF at the time out and went sailing off into the bushes. Hey if you want something that looks different go for it.
  5. Whats a Falco bike? Never heard of them. Are they like a softride or that thing with a cable that Bennos used to ride?
  6. "Drug testing will eliminate people using performance enhancing drugs and the cheats in sport".
  7. Id be surprised if its this windy on Sunday.
  8. Oh and I forgot... according to the people who haven't met me and believe I am in totality the persona I present on here, look for two large chips of granite on each shoulder.
  9. Tanya is from the Shire
  10. Ill be wearing my 'Im no one not good enough to qualify T shirt in Black', have a square head, look like Im more suited to playing second row for the Sharks and have a prominent jawline.
  11. You cannot deny a few old scores being settled might result in an upward blip in the polls for the left tho old mate.... see every cloud has a silver lining.
  12. Pot kettle black my friend... youse rusted on Labor types.. My new next door neighbour is a former minister of the Crown from your side of the fence. We are in fact old mates and our kids play together all the time. You know Ive always called a spade a shovel. But seriously mate, Eddie El Telegraphe Baby and Pasha Bulker Joe the disgusting blob from Cabramatter really need to go down the shitter.
  13. Im serious. He was going to buy the Tour from ASO at one stage and by buying WTC he can tell WADA to stick it and do the race. Watch this space, there are big changes afoot in the sporting world as you know it. Niseko I can see why Brett gets oxygen he has fanatical followers like you that cant be reasoned with. He has about as much chance of getting his hands on WTC as he does of getting a masters in English Literature I reckon. Happy to be proved wrong but seriously ?
  14. Well I generally leave nuffink out there but I am on anti arrhythmia drugs presently which are a rev limited the doc said I can participate but I physically cannot get my HR much above 145... so however fast I go at that pace is however fast I go. I didn't actually win that race at Penriff, it was 2/80/20 from memory on a day which was about 40 degrees, thought Id have a crack on the bike and went hard early... and kept going. I had a 13 or 14 minute lead from Bruce Thomas and a few others off the bike, regrettably the organisers (not Peter he was the sponsor) hadn't anticipated my ear
  15. That would be ****ing hilarious. Seeing her get completely annihilated would prob see them go up in the polls tho. By a fair bit I reckon. Same as Eddie and Joe in NSW going to jail which I hope happens.
  16. I reckon its gunna be funny watching the fat arsed ranga and the cardboard cutout continue to self immolate and try to out do each other in the Im a victim competition all the time also ensuring the Labor party is where it should be until about next century. They will make Mark Latham look like Robert Menzies. At least Latham was a bit of a knockabout and knew how to call a **** a ****. These two muppets have never had a job in their lives and cant understand why they were both so despised, although Ill give the prize for the most loathed to the ranga. Ive never felt such hatred for a poli
  17. I used my Hawaii finishers shirt as a bike rag
  18. You have just fallen for marketing bullshit.
  19. Have I got it wrong? Will she crumble under the pressure??
  20. Yeah that truck legislation is really good. Seems to work well. The industry is really supportive and compliant too. Especially the mad lebs in the demolition business. Fairly prominent mob out that way. Well now the noveau riche are populating Greenhills estate Im sure we will see the political winds change.... if not the ones at shit alley.
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