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    Books to read

    Training and racing with a powermeter. Lance Armstrongs war. Blood money - bikies, terrorists and middle eastern gangs. Clive Small and Tom Gilling (whoops in Rentakill mode but worth a read..)
  2. TUv5.0

    Zipp 1080 Rear

    Roxii put that up there for me when I didnt exist. All the stuff comes off the same bike which is a 2010 top of the line Giant TT (is it the OCR or whatever?). The owner has no need for Zipp wheels as he has a nice pair of DA carbon 75s on it and Giant are replacing these frames with a UCI compliant one for those people who registered and allowing owners to keep the non UCI compliant one. Lets just say the items come from an impeccable source. Resurrected this as the 808 front was originally sold but that fell thru. So no hijack.
  3. Funny ya know, I think he just came back because he missed being out with the boys in the bunch. At whatever level you are at when you dont have that in your life it is something you miss a fair bit believe me. Money and fame and all that BS or whatever didnt seem to do it for him, I may be wrong but I think he just likes being out there in the race and rolling around. It will be interesting when the grand jury process starts and if the matter ever gets to trial, people like LeMond and a few others might find themselves dissected and publicly embarrassed by their biased and flawed positions, i
  4. I am still bearing the scars of the nice friendly Illawarra riders beating the shit out of me (actually all of us!), it was very satisfying when they couldnt drop me. Watts very high, watts per kilo not so. As a laugh forgot to turn the Garmin off on the way home and downloaded the race and found I had a top speed of 124kmh and a much larger climb than I thought (Mt Ousley) so had to do some editing on the file..... thought it looked funny when the WKO file opened up!
  5. Yeah I have lost a bit of interest sort of this time around, I cant identify with the two whippets in contention for the win. I got a much bigger woody from the classics this year.
  6. TUv5.0

    Zipp 1080 Rear

    Im flogging this on behalf of a mate and he also has an 808 front and will eventually have a Giant 2010 model frameset to flot when they give him the UCI legal version. Never ridden and brand spankin. Make us an offer. Great Kona wheelset and you could probably talk a nice price....
  7. Well hi kids, back for my fifth (or thereabouts) incarnation, had a little holiday after being banned by stealth through my posting restriction and will probably deregister again at some point, since I dont want to have a posting restriction enacted again I am 'restricted' in what I might say about that, but as opposed to the internet, free speech cant be moderated so feel free to ask me for my without fear or favour opinion next time you see me regarding that little set of circumstances. I guess I dont try to be a mod on here although I am a mod on another forum, people can think what th
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