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  1. TUv5.0

    Trying ski bends

    Still right on UCI legal at the end. Its very comfortable.
  2. TUv5.0

    Trying ski bends

    Shortest one you can get.... Pro 50mm I think
  3. Had an I love Fabs set up for a long time thought id try this......
  4. I buy the gadgets and my kid steals them off me. That's how its supposed to work isn't it?
  5. Im working on the dickhead cull. Appears a few things are about to come to fruition in that regard. Anyway tragedy about that kid yesterday but like drowning in the surf as unpleasant as it would be Id prefer to be a tasty dinner for a shark than killed by a car or make some nursing home **** rich. ...... When I broke my leg and ankle in Bali after the third wave had me pinned on the bottom I actually had that moment of clarity and thought 'yep this is it".... and it wasn't such a bad thing in one way. What about a bear cull? People seem to like poking them. Or at least until they turn
  6. I got mine, I ponied up the cash. Dunno wtf for. Why do they change the number every year? Stupid and inconsistent governance issue. Ive had the same CA licence no forever. Seems to work reasonably well for drivers licences too. Having had a bit to do with TA governance over the years although they have gotten better seems they still have a long way to go in some very simple areas. Unfortunately we don't have anyone here from TA that appears able to deal with issues.
  7. Get a bikend. Best bar none. If travelling with two bikes get a box from CA.
  8. .... by the scientists that run drug testing and have their relevance and budgets threatened as they are not catching the actual cheats.
  9. Well for riotous and mob idiocy with a tasty dose of racial hatred, lets just **** off the wogball. But as far as the helmet changes go I don't ride with a helmet to the shops to get the groceries and I wont ever. The helmet law should be used as a tool by the skilful law enforcement officer to utilise for idiots and those who cannot be motivated in another way. This is why law enforcement officers have a discretionary power to enforce laws in a reasonable way. People who think in black and white are idiots. A lot of idiots around. ... as for the association law I think its bad law
  10. Well most professional sporting teams if you want to draw that bow.
  11. Only if they are involved in organised crime, bash cops and others, sell drugs and have a similar IQ to yourself for making that statement. So actually nah.
  12. I reckon we could have a positive torchlight test. Ya know, the one where you get a torch shine it in someones ear and the beam comes out the other side. Cause there is nuffink in between. I think someone who has never met this girl and is sucking up the arse of someone that likes her should jump to her defence.
  13. Id like to see a dickhead cull. Leave the Sharks alone... And I probably spend more time in the ocean than just about anyone else on this board.
  14. I'm thinkin that's the problem actually.....
  15. Okay so I have an iphone 5 w ios7. I got a nice Bluetooth thingy a Panasonic SC-38HCDB which is awesome and just walk in the door and have my music.. Due to my sad guitar addiction I just got a new u beaut ipad the latest one. For some reason it cant find the blue tooth device. ARRRRRGH. Help appreciated. Thanks
  16. No but one or two people are going to wish they were in Uranus pretty soon.
  17. .... Anyway poking the bear can have consequences. I've undertaken to exercise restraint but others appear to need more formal action taken despite repeated warnings.
  18. If you are interested in learning how to play the guitar and know basic chords (or even if you don't) have a look at www.chordify.net best guitar site Ive come across... and free.
  19. I asked for it to be deleted as it was poisoned by one of the toxic people I referred to. Rather than engage in a race to the bottom for a change.
  20. Id like to apologise for dropping the ball on this. Entirely my fault and due to my own personal circumstances. No excuses. Ill have a look at it today or tomorrow.
  21. ****. If you associate or try to justify it accept others will think of you as a lesser person.
  22. Nothing to do w the weather but I wont be there this morning. Wont be further expanding on reasons why except to say valid reason. Have fun see you round sometime.
  23. Sun is out here this morning. Wind is from the east and cloud is breaking up.
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