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  1. Funny you should mention Victoria. My biological mother who I only met in 2006 lives in Mornington just back from the beach on a little farm with a cottage, when I have stayed there I have gone and done the Arthurs Seat loop riding down to Dromana and up Arthurs, and am looking forward to now going down there with Alex and riding the trails around Arthurs seat, the new chairlift has a trial period for MTB's and Red Hill riders run an Enduro. 

    Similarly, either on that trip or the next we are going to hop on the ferry and go to Tassie, ride Derby and Maydena. I was fortunate to be introduced to Glen Jacobs who is for those who dont know the owner of World Trail and in the Mountain Bike Hall of fame. He is responsible for Maydena and some epic MTB parks all over the world. He has a link to triathlon in the very early days of the sport, I did the 1985 Cairns Coral Coast race (Nick Crofts' first triathlon), I actually travelled up to the race with the late Richie Walker, and we were introduced to a central figure in the history of triathlon in Australia, John Covacevich, who was close friends with Glenn Jacobs. 

    Having travelled a little bit I think Australia has so much more to offer than many other places in the world and so much of it most of us never see. I thought Glenn who, as a very successful businessman but also a very environmentally conscious guy would be against E Mtb's but he was a huge supporter of them, the point he raised was they offer the most minimal environmental impact of any type of uplift device i.e. chairlifts and shuttles require environmental disruption. On the EMtb thing, trust me no matter how good you are, there are climbs you simply cannot pedal up and even if you hop off and push you can only do one or two runs back down, a lot of the gravity focused trails are upwards of 4km long and have grades of over 30 percent, the climb up the hero trail at Bright is a one hour climb (but soooo worth it for the ride back down - trust me)...

    A pleasant up side of this is if you want to do long aerobic based climbs for fitness you can disappear into the bush for hours and just have fun. We are definitely going back to Bright this summer love the place. 

    To get back to triathlon, I did watch the CG's and the relay concept was awesome, genuinely exciting and required people to actually ride their bikes rather than it just being a procession. As a point of interest a NSW Police team of Ric Pallister, Shane Floyd and yours truly won the first ever such race in Australia, the BRW relay triathlon at Narrabeen Lakes in the late 80's or early 90's. We won a trip to NZ each from memory. The corporate types were a bit filthy as I think we won the thing by about 20 minutes. It was 750/20/5 x 3. From memory Pinhead went first, swam away from the mob and that was the last they saw of us all day. 





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  2. I also acquired a wife pretty much directly from my involvement in trannies... long story but yeah. We were old friends who ended up getting back together because I ended up in WA one year doing the IM Busso commentary. Although we are no longer married we remain the best of friends. I talked to her last week as a matter of fact. Marriage is over rated. 

  3. Ha yeah... as for the mountain biking thing - just ride your bike, be a big kid. Its fun. The bikes are amazingly capable. I dont give a rats about pinning a number on. In Thredbo you have the chairlift, other places you have shuttles, or you can ride up to the top. The climb at Ourimbah from the carpark is a 20-25 min grovel pedaling in the 32x50 (yeah I have 12 speed SRAM but will be getting new Shimano soon). 

    The skills required have to be developed, you have to get comfortable going off jumps, getting your seat down and your weight back, and whatever you do dont touch the ****ing front brake. 

    The whole scene itself reminds me of triathlon back in the day, its very gravity and trail focused, very friendly and beer drinking, less serious, but having said that the skills required are far greater than riding along on a dead flat bike course and running around on the same course. Honestly, the XC people and tight lyrcra are a diminishing species.

    The XC courses themselves now are becoming more and more technical, watch Nino the freak on redbull TV the other week and you will see how technical it actually is. DH is the most spectacular and TV friendly part of MTB and it has personalities and rivalries. The Enduro world series has a qualifying series now and thats the 'pedal up' ride back down for time stuff. Sam Hill won the world series last year and I think he is leading again this year. 

    Diamonds from here is also an MTB convert. 

    What I see in triathlon these days is its just a cash business and there seems to be a lack of credibility to it being honest. Just people bleeding it dry and unless you are in the ITU machine no sustainability. A race here and there with no regular schedule and no regular pay day isnt sustainable for a second tier pro - the ones that push the top level to perform better. 

    Another thing about MTB is tyre pressure, I run about 26 psi in the front and about 30 in the back, I run a 2.5 (wide) on the front and a 2.4 on the back. Dont put too much pressure in your tyres. 

    So instead of 'training' for something you are just riding to enjoy it. Fancy that.  






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  4. How would they know you're really who you say you are? I don't carry any ID when I'm riding.

    There are a hundred ways to confirm a persons identity. If someone has committed an offence under any act and you cannot adequately ensure their identity to ensure appropriate enforcement no problem..... an alternative applies. Most people fess up on the back step of the truck with the cuffs on when they realise you are serious.


    Id hate to see this happen in this instance however. But telling cops to get ****ed usually doesn't work. There is more than one way to skin a cat.

  5. You cannot be fined for speeding on a bicycle. The appropriate offence I believe is 'wrecklessly or furiously in NSW parlance. Dunno about up there.


    I am filled with dismay when I hear about this stuff. I share a similar view to Harts.


    Given that Oldave is a big believer in preaching to us all does he have a bell on his bicycle? An ashtray for his cigars?

  6. Its funny you know, if all this is true with ski bends, pad stacks and rotating the hands inwards then our hands are ending up back where they started all those years ago



    Exactly my thinking I won a lot of races and had a lot of quickest bike times w those bars. Fitness had nothing to do w it of course.

  7. Ive got the 3T ones and have the straight ones a'la Fabs, the S bends and got these to try out.


    Im keen to do some more work with Alex Simmons to work on a few things and acquired spacers etc to see what might work.


    Ive looked at what Brent Bookwalter, Svein Tuft and a few other nuggets have done and thought I might try this for comfort and power, my wattbike has bars that kick up and I have been able to sustain good power for long periods on this.


    As I have found out, the mark one mod zero eyeball is a very bad wind tunnel. What you reckon looks fast isn't necessarily the case.


    At the moment due to my health issues and uncertain future regarding cycling it may all be for nought but its a fun exercise at least.

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