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  1. A coach from another area slanders a whole area. Ill translate. "Im a shit coach and looking for reasons other than asking myself the hard questions about why Im shit". On a hearsay basis. So I replace your hearsay with a few facts. The most exciting thing to come out of Turramarra is the sphinx. Weak. As. Piss.
  2. Prof Mark McGuire ive had 2 procedures one cryoablation, one RF ablation and regrettably I am up to 21 cardioversions ...... so im hard to kill but not scared of death either.
  3. TUv5.0


    Funny you should mention Victoria. My biological mother who I only met in 2006 lives in Mornington just back from the beach on a little farm with a cottage, when I have stayed there I have gone and done the Arthurs Seat loop riding down to Dromana and up Arthurs, and am looking forward to now going down there with Alex and riding the trails around Arthurs seat, the new chairlift has a trial period for MTB's and Red Hill riders run an Enduro. Similarly, either on that trip or the next we are going to hop on the ferry and go to Tassie, ride Derby and Maydena. I was fortunate to be introduc
  4. I also acquired a wife pretty much directly from my involvement in trannies... long story but yeah. We were old friends who ended up getting back together because I ended up in WA one year doing the IM Busso commentary. Although we are no longer married we remain the best of friends. I talked to her last week as a matter of fact. Marriage is over rated.
  5. A straight jacket. Lots of various anti anger meds.
  6. TUv5.0


    Ha yeah... as for the mountain biking thing - just ride your bike, be a big kid. Its fun. The bikes are amazingly capable. I dont give a rats about pinning a number on. In Thredbo you have the chairlift, other places you have shuttles, or you can ride up to the top. The climb at Ourimbah from the carpark is a 20-25 min grovel pedaling in the 32x50 (yeah I have 12 speed SRAM but will be getting new Shimano soon). The skills required have to be developed, you have to get comfortable going off jumps, getting your seat down and your weight back, and whatever you do dont touch the ****ing fro
  7. Although I made a few comments on the other thread I started, yes mate all the best, lets have a burrito .... an original Ozfatter
  8. TUv5.0


    .....oh so I just checked. Ive been banned for five years. And I was banned at my own request. True story.
  9. TUv5.0


    ... so its been a while. Lots of water under the bridge and all that. First up I wanted to thank Roxxi who has been a great personal friend and there through 'stuff' that goes on in each of our lives, I still remember vividly the day he lost his home and standing on my balcony at Cronulla watching the storm go away from us across the bay and toward Kurnell. That day happened to be my sons year 6 graduation day back in 2015, so remember it well, and the ensuing damage. Roxxi has helped me out with a few things including using his esteemed status as a JP, and we seem to have similar hanklin
  10. FFS Andrew you actually get me shit cannning the cops and you still have to bring lefty wanker politics into it? (BTW you lost the election - everywhere. State and Federal. That's called democracy). Deal with it. All my love as always mate xxxx
  11. TQ scrutiny for bells this weekend.
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