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  1. touche slice, thing is i felt i was riding slow at busso and was shocked to see the clock coming into t2. I have never looked at the clock coming out of the water or getting off the bike and saw both this time at busso, it annoyed me because the first lap of the run i couldn't stop doing the calculations, so running down the main st past finish line where i knew there would be a clock i put my head down and looked at the ground to make sure i didn't see it on each lap. still went ok but yeah didn't crack3:30 on the run so now i'll have to do port again...
  2. mate i have stuff all experience, only done 3 IM. have some great friends with a lifetime of knowledge though, none of whom use power metres etc, sometimes hr monitors one day a week thats about it. i just think people overcomplicate a simple thing.
  3. not being critical at all, just wondering who really uses what.
  4. So after reading the recent busso bike thread, and JDE'scomment that he looked at his watch and thought too fast on the run, after watching his powermetre for 180km on the bike etc etc, does anyone just get on the bike and ride hard, then get off and run hard? I dont own a powermetre, never race with a running watch etc, thoughts?
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