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  1. I heard the suggestion May the 8th, so it can be shortened to M8.
  2. Exactly. Obviously AJ had forgotten “monkey gate”. Symonds was never the same after CA sold him down the river. Can’t blame him for that though.
  3. Isn’t this called “pivoting” if any other business does it?
  4. I’m based in Sydney and up until COVID I would be in Perth at least once a month to see clients. Even have an office there. Decided after the South Australia debacle with rules changing mid-flight for WA there was too much risk to go to WA until after you see the reaction to any further cases in NSW. Earlier this week I told a client exactly that who asked when I was coming over. Unfortunately I have been proven right.
  5. IF TA were ahead of the game they would offer all international triathletes to come here. Organise some corporate sponsors, serve their quarantine and then have a series of races broadcast to the world at broadcast friendly times. Same thing for any other sport really where most states have 100% capacity at stadium.
  6. So the man of a million usernames has returned. Personally I must admit I’ve always enjoyed his comments and he does have good advice hidden there when being serious but how long will it last? Or could it be the start of the return of the Transitions glory days - YO2 to reappear next?
  7. Gangs of London on Stan is good so far after a few eps.
  8. Are you talking about the premier or the triathlon coach?
  9. Time to change the title of this thread.
  10. According to the ABC radio 75% of younger voters vote Democrat.
  11. That was before he got legal advice from the A-G on the industrial manslaughter rules his government introduced.
  12. Alternatives off the top of my head. 1. He is faking it so he can come out in a week and say “told you it’s harmless!!” Maybe with another one of those letters from his doctor saying he is the fittest president ever. 2. Caught it deliberately to give to Biden. 3. Will now say the election has to be delayed / result is not legitimate if he loses because he couldn’t campaign. Either way no doubt he is getting the best medical care so hopefully he comes through ok (despite what I think of him he is still a human).
  13. News reports Donald and Melania have rested positive to COVID-19. I guess we now see whether it is 99% harmless.
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