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  1. That was before he got legal advice from the A-G on the industrial manslaughter rules his government introduced.
  2. Alternatives off the top of my head. 1. He is faking it so he can come out in a week and say “told you it’s harmless!!” Maybe with another one of those letters from his doctor saying he is the fittest president ever. 2. Caught it deliberately to give to Biden. 3. Will now say the election has to be delayed / result is not legitimate if he loses because he couldn’t campaign. Either way no doubt he is getting the best medical care so hopefully he comes through ok (despite what I think of him he is still a human).
  3. News reports Donald and Melania have rested positive to COVID-19. I guess we now see whether it is 99% harmless.
  4. What? I thought it was all about the health advice 😂
  5. It got a good review today as a good sequel. Although that’s not a ringing endorsement when you think about how bad sequels usually are.
  6. Yes, sorry I wasn’t clear but I thought a different discipline each day (recognising some may not even be able to swim).
  7. To our brothers and sisters in Melbourne - it’s time to participate in the Transitions lockdown challenge? Post your longest run, ride or swim completed within one hour within 5K of your home. Indoor distances acceptable. You can post your Garmin / Strava data if you wish, otherwise we operate on the honesty system. Can one of you get the longest in all three disciplines? Competition ends when lockdown ends. Good luck!
  8. I think the real reason is that they couldn’t get the right lip filler in Qld so had to go to Melbourne.
  9. Think he’s having a swipe at the Vic Premier
  10. I see the reports that FBI have ascertained that the “noose” that caused all the issues in Nascar had been in the unit since August 2019.
  11. The series came from an Australian movie of the same name if you haven’t seen it. Well worth a watch, based on the Pettingill family.
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