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  1. Not sure why you are so negative on the Qld CHO. Seems complete on top of her game 🤣
  2. Do they know the definition of the word oxymoron?
  3. When you’re driving in the country “never drive past a petrol station or a toilet”.
  4. QPS on the basis that it is extortion however they will fob you off. Or get another lawyer to write a nasty letter telling them to bugger off. I would still do an LSC complaint, they are a funny beast as to what they run with and you might get lucky.
  5. Make the complaint to the LSC. However be aware they don’t have a great track record in lawful investigations themselves.
  6. All she would have to do would be to follow the lead of other premiers and say they aren’t taking any passengers anymore. Victoria is still not taking any since the last snafu and other states have been on reduced numbers. That being said I don’t think she would, from a practical economic perspective it is creating / keeping jobs and is an industry in itself. May as well keep those jobs in NSW.
  7. Or the Feds say to workers in industries that continue to be impacted like tourism - we will pay for your training and subsidise your wages if you work in aged care.
  8. What happens to Mrs Potato Head?
  9. Surely that lapse couldn’t have happened in a state that had an inquiry into hotel quarantine?
  10. No because of your premier it’s kept you in WA cut off from the rest of the world (including the rest of Australia).
  11. My favourite part of the press conference yesterday was during question and answer when he said in response to a question “I reject your criticism, I’m not sure what your criticism is but I reject it completely”
  12. NSW won’t - but remember your premier stopped Vic residents coming home in December.
  13. Will be interesting to see whether he gets the deal with the dragons.
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