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  1. Can't seem to upload. IMG_8291.HEIC
  2. Pharma CEO: How was this allowed to happen??? - I want his file on my desk by morning, someone is going to pay for this.
  3. Heart foundation is so full of shit if you follow their advice it will only increase your chance of getting heart disease. They are still trotting out dis-proven advice as if it is gospel.
  4. Had a look - All that concerned me was encroaching wrinkles 🤣🤣.
  5. I was on a train when I heard the news about the terrorism in Christchurch. A Nazi sitting nearby removed his Nazi badges and covered his swastika facial tattoos, obviously due to fear of retribution. I sat with him to protect him. #IllRideWithYou
  6. I think all terrorists attacks are terrible. But if one is aimed at attacking your culture and another is trying to defend it; whose side are you on?
  7. Not sure if anyone caught the video of the guys following Fraser Anning at the airport calling him a ‘sh*t karnt’ repeatedly that New Matilda and the likes we’re getting lathered up over. Turns out it was none other than zaky Mallah, the first Australian convicted under the new anti-terrorism laws.
  8. Fair enough I missed that. Still some crazy stuff going on in Philippines becoming the new base for ISIS and Islam taking over in Nigeria, seeping further south in Africa and West in Europe. You cant help but wonder what will be going on in 1-2 thousand years from now.
  9. Yes no doubt this is a huge international event and of course happening in a cool country makes it much bigger news than in a sh*t hole where these things happen all the time. Still some perspective is worth having. And none of this condones what the guy did and it was abhorrent, qualification, qualification blah blah blah. But the Mosque had been involved in radicalising in t he past, including two Kiwis/Aussies Christopher Havard and Daryl Jones who were later killed in a drone strike in Syria. https://cloverchronicle.com/2019/03/16/two-men-killed-in-2013-drone-strike-w
  10. This wanker has done the exact opposite of what he wanted. Now reasonable, informed and very valid criticism of Islam is further branded as hate speech, and Muslims get to wallow in their roles as victims even further. Ugh. Interesting trivia is that in the last 7 days more Christians were killed by Islamic terrorists while worshipping in churches (53 churches burnt down in Phillipines and Nigeria) than died in Christchurch.
  11. I've lived in Tokyo for a bit over ten years. One of the best cities in the world, am sure you'll love it. Check out the Tokyo Expat Facebook page. Lots of good resources there. Feel free to hit me up with any questions and if you need a physio, massage or pilates go to www.tokyophysio.com 😜.
  12. Needs to start eating meat or all hope is lost for him.
  13. Just the thought of these fukkers sitting on a portaloo with their pants up staring at their watch while they do their complicated math has got to make you laugh. We all who we are for a reason. Interested in the why behind this stuff.
  14. Right that’s true but self control over what to eat is easier than self control over how much to eat if you are eating grains and sugar. People can eat a box of biscuits and a tray of donuts but very difficult to over eat animal products.
  15. What other animal counts calories or obsesses over portion control, getting enough exercise or any of the other measures of weight control we are supposed to follow to prevent obesity? Eating animals only, it’s impossible to become obese as you don’t need self control or exercise to maintain a healthy weight. Eat as much as you like!
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