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  1. and the Age group 😁 I had a nasty experience last Husky when I spotted a good sort on the Aquabike. Number 133 was wearing a swimming cap and googles but gave me a smile as she turned around buoy number 4. When I checked the results it said she was in the 70+ age group. Plus I suspect those werent even her real teeth that smiled at me.
  2. I was coaxed into on-line dating by a single lady I work with, she told me that it is quite normal to lie about your age on these sites ...so I joined up and took 5 years off my age. As 'fresh meat' I was immediately hit on by a blonde lady with a fuzzy head shot wearing large sunglasses who told me that she was an experienced online dater not interested in exchanging dozens of emails - she suggested meeting in a cafe in the local mall the next day at 2pm. Next day I turned up excitedly early at around 1:50pm, looked in the cafe to find it empty apart from a family with small children on
  3. Im going with the wisdom of Goughy on this Front 85 - Rear 95 on 25mm tyres in the wet. 80-90 if it was a crit.
  4. Derny Driver


    "Covering every attack" is the tactic of the best bunch sprinter. Keeping the race together so you can win the sprint. Im not sure thats what you should be doing. What you presumably want is a scenario where you are off the front with 1 or 2 others, you can swap turns and stay away...guaranteed a podium or better still, unload them on the last hill / tough section and win it solo. There are only really 2 ways to get your perfect break scenario - go solo out to about 10 seconds and hope 2 come across to you, or let 2 go away and then jump across yourself without towing any other dead
  5. No mate it wasnt Osteitis pubis. I never found out what the problem was exactly. The operation I had was 'nerve release for nerve entrapment" in the lower abdomen. I had 44 stitches, 22 each side. I tell people I know what its like to have a caesarian section. Cut right through the abdomenal muscles and the rehabilitation was very painful. Surgeon also lengthened the adductor tendons by slicing them lengthways. As I said the operation gave me some relief, but not 100%. I think my injury was nerve damage / compression in the inguinal ring which is the place all the nerves exit the pelvis i
  6. I was told I had it in 2002, ... unbelievable groin pain which occurred during / after a training ride on my bike. I was told by a couple of doctors to rest it for 12 months. Nearly killed me to do nothing for a year. The pain did not ease or resolve itself so I was told "Oh well it wasnt Osteitis Pubis then". 😠 After that 2 years of more tests, nerve testing, ultrasounds, Xrays, MRIs ...everything. $7000 worth of specialist appointments. In the end I had an operation performed by Dr John Garvey, Sydney. That cost 8 grand. Then another year of Physio. End result was about 75% improvement but
  7. I teach Grade 2. I have been teaching from home up till now but have to return to school from tomorrow. Many kids have been doing great work from home supported by their parents - not easy for the kids or the parents but they understand the situation. But some kids who started trying to work from home are now back at school 5 days a week. Here are some of the reasons given by my parents, for sending them back. * I can't get my child to do any work. I know they are capable but they won't do it unless I do it for them. * I am sick of having my child at home with me. I can't
  8. Yep I would pick that one. If you can afford a bit more, I bought my son a VOX AC15CI .... Its a way better amp than anything I have ever owned. Ive seen them retail between about $800 to $1000. I got his one cheap because I bought a Gretch at the same time lol. A valve amp like this gives you good flexibility ...put an accoustic through it and it sounds warm and beautiful, for a hollowbody like the Gretch its just awesome, and there is plenty of grunt there for full bore electric playing. Turramurra Music have the Fender Blues Junior for $899, and the Vox AC15 is a similar price. B
  9. Paul Butterfield Blues Band. Band is playing in the key of E. harmonica is a tuned blues harp, key of A
  10. The most common way to play harmonica with a Blues guitar is what is called "Cross harping" or "Second position" harmonica. So if your guitar is playing in key of C you dont use a C tuned harmonica. You would use a C tuned harmonica to play folk music, but not blues. For instance, Heart of Gold by Neil Young is in G (starts with Em Em Em D Em) and a G harmonica can play the melody easily because the notes you need are there on the harmonica, and they are mainly blown notes with the occasional sucked note. Same with something like Blowing in the Wind ...guitar is G, harmonica is G. Ea
  11. I think so too. Based on those numbers your max HR could be around 190-192 and lactate threshold around 174-175. Only way to get an accurate number is to find your real-world maximum, and you will need some real hard core motivation to hit that number. The number is not on a chart or a book. You wont find it doing any sort of hard ride or run in training. There are ways and means but none of them are very nice.
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