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  1. Ratty - 22 pages of drivel about your life and you don't mention the chick in the Nurses uniform at Busso? Disappointed...
  2. Hi IJ. Sorry to hear that the crap kept on coming since we last chatted. Hope that the guy I recommended was helpful. Seriously crappy time for you and I wish that there were some easy fixes, although sadly easy fixes are often a bit thin in the ground. But really glad that you've got something happening on the job front. That is great news. And love your attitude about hanging in there. Couldn't agree more.
  3. Sorry Nealo - I still owe you some poncy foreign reindeer semen beer. Let me know what you want and where I need to get it from!!
  4. I lost every single bet I made! Have already purchased some Icelandic reindeer semen beer for Nealo. Quack - got a funny story for you re MFD, but will discuss another time after I've slept...
  5. I am the proud owner of 3 lots of 10:23 finishes. Sadly, none in the last 3 years ? My last 3 IMs have yielded a DNF, a 12:45 and a 13hr something. But if you want to push yourself to go better than 10:23 plus an hour (ie 11:23), then I think that is an EXCELLENT idea ?????
  6. Ha, ha! I didn't know that you were going to go 10:xx rather than sub 10 like you did in your last IM and I didn't know that KAM would do a 50 min PB! Anyway, happy to make it enticing for Nealo. Tell you what Nealo, seeing as how LK gave an hour head start to KAM, I will do the same for you. So if you do the same as last year (11:19?) then I will have to go 10:19 to get the beers. This would be faster than any of the other 12 IMs I have completed since 1996 and I ain't gettin' any younger! Whaddya say Nealo? Surely you can't turn that down?
  7. Me v Nealo. Port Mac IM. Beers to the winner. He can even choose one of his fancy pansy beers that nobody else in the whole world has heard of ? Should be easy for him. He went 11:19 last time out whilst I am fresh off a 12:45 at IMNZ and a DNF before that. Come on Nealo. You will never get an easier target ???
  8. And you can take that as an admission of defeat ??? But you vs KAM with a 1hr head start to KAM will be a fair contest if she can not suffer from the GI problems she had at Port Mac.
  9. Let's change the bet - you vs KAM. She gets my 1hr handicap. This will make it a better contest (I am seriously rooted before even starting!!!). You win and you get the beers. She wins and she gets 3kg of Nutella...
  10. Me ? Ok, not quite a pensioner but am giving 10 years away to you. Unless you're planning to have a REALLY bad day, you should absolutely kill me!! Reckon I'll need at least a couple of hours start to even get close on a good day!!! But as a middle aged Aussie male, I am comfortable with excessive amounts of personal self delusion and am therefore willing to put a wager on it and simply hope that you get a zillion flat tyres or something ? Although I really need a lot more than this, give me an hour start and I'm happy to wager. Loser buys winner beers...
  11. Might be too good for both of us given that my last two IMs have resulted in a DNF and a 13 hr plus finish. Hey Lost Kiwi - what AG are you? Just checking to see how popular Nealo's "take on a pensioner" approach has become?
  12. Done ? So have you done IMNZ before? Any other IM? What was your last finish time? Just need to carry out a small amount of due diligence before putting a wager on the actual race.
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