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  1. Well, it was great fun to actually race again (albeit in an unfit out of shape kinda way)! Good to see lots of Trannies going around. But the highlight for me was the feel of Roxii's firm but shapely left buttock in the palm of my hand as I passed him on the run leg. Truly inspiring...
  2. Well, maybe a pack of Tim Tams. Just one would be a bit of a tease...
  3. WTC mentioned that in their email. I was thrilled to see that they cared so much for me. Made me feel all warm and gooey inside and stuff.
  4. I'm in. Only took me 21 years...
  5. 86.1 kg. You killed me on that run in Canberra Nealo! Need to see if I can negative split this challenge to bring it home strong. And having done a couple of training sessions recently with IronJumbo, he is now IronSlimbo!
  6. It is the worst! Am just celebrating my one year anniversary of PF. Awesome. For me, it also lead to multiple hamstring tears in my other leg. Awesome. As mysteriously as it appeared, I am hoping that it is now receding. I have tried a zillion non-invasive treatments. Can't say that any of them have been a magic bullet. All I know that completely stopping running for months and months on end did not cure it. All sorts of massage thingies didn't cure it. Orthotics didn't cure it. Sacrificing small innocent puppy dogs to the PF Goddess of All Pain didn't cure it (and apologie
  7. I think you must have misread the topic thread title as Biggest Gainer and not Biggest Loser. Easy mistake to make.
  8. Keep going Nealo, 100 million fat Americans can't be wrong.
  9. In our house, we are lucky to have both a P3 and a P5 ? In summary, the P5 will be a teeny bit faster for a fair bit more money. The P3 corners better, climbs better, is cheaper and is almost as quick. I wound normally recommend a P3 to people over a P5 unless money is no object and straight line flat road speed is everything. For those on even more of s budget, the P2 is great also.
  10. 88.8kg. Might need to increase speed a bit to get this negative split thing happening...
  11. 4 Forster 6 Port Mac 3 or 4 Busso (bit hazy there, will need to check) 1 NZ Had another 2 DNS (NZ and Nice) and 2 DNF (Port Mac and NZ) Will probably do Port Mac next year and maybe even Kona if I jag a legacy spot. One can only hope. Biggest problem at the moment is being injured for 11 months. Would love to be able to run again, although walking for 7 hrs with Ratdog at Port Mac is probably the most fun you can have standing up...
  12. Hey Roxii, we're going ok on the legal front so far. A couple of idle threats from Julie's lawyers, but I've hosed them down. In any event, Wanda is offering to cover any defamation claims as part of its $200m purchase of Trannies so all good there. The real issue is the sister who whilst admitting to being knowingly concerned in the cheating, is claiming that she is waaaaay hotter than Julie and has instructed her lawyers to apply for a court ordered Trannies poll to decide the matter...
  13. 89.7kg Still warming up. Once we get out of the water and onto the bike I'll make up some time...
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