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  1. Yeah mate not public. So best not to even fuel any type of rumor until facts are clear
  2. Check out the kiwami RIO LD aero It's a 1.5 piece, full suit but with an opening at the belly, takes a lot of tension out of the shoulders that a 1 piece speed suit can give
  3. No idea mate, I can't remember what they said if they got asked on stage, I was too busy thinking/hoping the next guy wouldn't take his slot
  4. And I was hoping if it rolled down 1 more then you wouldn't take it... Ha I was next up
  5. 58:17 5:17 (with a bloody flat) 3:21 9:43 and 8th in ag. Happy with that, I don't like running a marathon with mud sections I almost went as fast as you did for the half Rog
  6. Small group so far. So for a beer mile virgin, it's BYO? Just cans of some kind of heavy beer or has to be something particular? I haven't got myself a costume but if I dress up like a triathlete I'll probably look silly enough... Do we get an area to warm up? Aerobics and such
  7. You're an ugly bastard Rog See you out there
  8. Sorry haven't been around for a while #137
  9. Yep mate all good, that's what I'm wearing
  10. Rog, weighed in, 69.5kg, almost at the stage where I can race in the men's category....
  11. Yep still Paris Roubaix..... I could be wrong but I reakon the section along the coast through past MFD and onto the road to Lake Cathie might have gotten worse....
  12. Agree. I like the vortex sleeveless and I'm no slower than my rocket science sleeved and like you said far more comfortable
  13. That was probably me RBR, I need to keep hydrated
  14. Im in. Been away from trannies for 4 months. What have I missed ?
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