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  1. vo2max

    Osteitis Pubis

    I've had this just recently. Only hurt when I ran. Funnily enough; in relation to a previous comment; I have had some hip issues as well.
  2. Has anyone had any experience with the Coros watches? They seem really good.
  3. I have just watched the vegan documentary that showed numerous athletes doing very well on a vegan diet. Are there any vegans or vegetarians on here and if so I would be keen to hear your experiences of your transition to vegan eating.
  4. vo2max

    Polar Watches

    Has anyone had any experience with the new Polar watches and are they comparable with the Garmin watches?
  5. Doing Kona isn't exactly a cheap exercise. If you don't have bucket loads of money its probably out of many's financial resources.
  6. I did it a couple years ago and doing it again this year. Great race, well organised. Roads aren't fast. Swim is awesome in the canal and on my last attempt the run seemed to go for ever.
  7. Looking for ideas for aero bidden cages. Considering the X-lab behind the seat option. Are these user friendly or are their better options?
  9. Brett do you feel distance is more important than intensity in training?
  10. I'm just wonder ing what age group I will be in next year. I turn 54 in December this year. Does that mean I go up from the oldies to the really oldies.
  11. So many fatalities are from stupidity. No helmets, riding while extremely intoxicated, riding at night with black clothing on and no lights. Some riders do all of the above while looking at their phones.
  12. vo2max

    Sore deltoids...

    I'm getting the same. Only on the left side though. Keen for some tips.
  13. vo2max

    New roadie options

    Pusheys have a Boardman with Sram red Etap and Zipp 404 wheels for $5.5k.
  14. vo2max

    Windtrainer Bike

    Buy a new bike and put the old one on the trainer.
  15. vo2max

    New Road Bike

    Looking at getting a new road bike that I can also use for Triathlons. Front runner at present is a Cervelo S3. Wondering if anyone has had any experience with Cervelo bikes and what everyones thoughts and experience is with Di2 and Disk Brakes.
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