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  1. Life really isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain! Turns out the storm hasn't quite passed yet... Given that's a woeful photo of me above, I'm not real sure why I'm reviving this thread except to educate others on why they need to be tested early to try and stay on top of this prostate thing. Bloody Cancer! I was going to post something in the Mental Health thread, but then I thought I'm not really depressed, confused maybe but not depressed. To save any newcomers a lot of reading, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer back in 2019
  2. Coming back from a lost Mojo... I think most of us have done it at some point, and some have done it several times over. When we were younger I think it was easier to come back because of the hope that we can still make improvements, get back to our previous levels of fitness, and perhaps even still set a few PB's. Then as we get older (as you and I both know) we are pretty much on a steady decline and no matter how much or how hard we train we will still probably never get back to our previous best. I think when this happens, you really just need to focus on what you can do, be th
  3. Enjoy your racing guys, unfortunately I won't be down there to join you. I'm not real fit anymore, but I was still hoping to get there regardless and have a roll around for old times sake, and because I can. But... Tri NSW wants me to pay for a full years membership for just a few months of racing, then the Long Course & Aquabike events both sold out, and now this last week has been an absolute poo fight with so much going on that I'm just starting to think that I really wasn't meant to do it. Have a good race folks, stay upright and stay safe!
  4. When I started running & doing triathlons I used to do the Carb Depletion / Carb Loading protocol you described above, and I guess it probably worked as long as you didn't overdo it. But after the first few years I learnt to relax and just enjoy my training and racing a lot more. Then because I'd often have to travel for several hours to get races, it became a regular thing that we'd 'treat' the kids to Macca's somewhere along the highway. More often than not I'd be going into the event with no real expectations, and thinking that because I hadn't prepared, tapered or eaten right before
  5. No idea really, as I haven't had a road bike for over 10 years. I usually make do with super cheap 2nd hand gear (my favourite & best Time Trial bike cost me $300) but I want to be sure that anything I get now is at least safe and will allow me to keep up with the pack. I like the thought of a Trek Emonda, but I note that the new price for these varies from $4,000 to about $16,000 depending on what model you buy. I guess ideally I'd like to get better spec'd second hand one for $3,000 or less, but would want to be confident that it's still in good nick!
  6. For my wife & myself it's a Yin & Yang thing, she has no interest in exercise at all and she definitely helps keep me grounded. We had four kids (all grown up & left home now) and I have no idea how I used to fit training in around family life. Even now, when I'm really not doing much training at all, there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything done. If ever something happened to my wife, and we weren't still together, I'm fairly confident that any future partner (if anyone would take me) they would have to share my passion for the spor
  7. Maybe, if there's any spots left and if I can find some accommodation - doesn't seem to be much left in Huski itself. Haven't raced there since 2011, had a bit of a shocker that day but did the Long Course in around 4:36. Don't stress Foz, I'm not in that sort of condition any more. I'm not even sure if I can actually run 20k's nowadays.
  8. Thanks. In that case yes, I'll probably sign up again shortly. I was going to do the Trex Off-Road Aus Champs at Crackenback on 20th Feb so wanted it for that race, but now it looks like I'll be doing a rebel (fat-ass) run in the Vic Alps with some mates on that weekend so won't really be needing the membership anyway. But I'll still probably sign up with TA regardless.
  9. Had been a member for ages, but after the health issues I've had in the past two years (brain seizures and then cancer) I let my membership lapse. Now that I'm starting to get out and do a bit of training again I'd be happy to consider re-joining. Does anyone know if there's a part year membership option to carry me over to the next renewal period? Surely I don't need to sign up for the full years subscription just to cover me for the remaining few months, especially since it was some fairly serious health issues that were the reason I let it lapse in the first place.
  10. Almost every piece of advice on this thread reminds you just to 'enjoy' it and have fun... yep, that's pretty much it. God I love this site!
  11. Did you happen to find anything Redskins? I'm after the exact same thing (a small road bike). I haven't owned a road bike or done a normal group ride in over 10 years - maybe it's time I got back in the saddle.
  12. This reminds me of the fictional story of 'The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty'. I'd recommend this movie to anyone that needs a reminder that it's time we stopped dreaming and started doing the things that we've always wanted to do. Thanks Dalai.
  13. Had a crook ankle for a while, but it's all good now. Planter Fasciitis and dodgy knees are my current issues. I'm only just doing enough to keep the brain sane!
  14. Didn't mean to put you off, it truly is a great event, as is Jindabyne. Definitely consider doing either or both of them as part of a team. Most people that do them do it as part of a team and the events themselves as pretty much set up as team events. In fact relatively few people actually attempt to do them solo. I originally planned to do both events as part of a team, but I had trouble finding team members to do it with, including by asking around on here. So, I thought for the really low Solo entry cost I'd just enter and see how far I could go... Turns out it's at least as fa
  15. Trout has pretty much nailed it, but to give you an idea of how big a day it is I've done an Ironman in under 10 Hours yet I think my quickest Tripple Tri time was still over 13 Hours. I reckon the SC Muiltisport at Jindabyne is a fair bit easier than the Tripple Tri, but my best times there were still almost 12 Hours. As Oompa states, the 40km MTB leg at Jindabyne is a tough one - only one decent climb but it's a killer!
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