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  1. Go Easy


    When I get back from big races it's the last thing that I feel like doing. I usually have gear everywhere and tend to just leave everything in the suitcases and bags, and then as I use items I put them back where they should be. It sometimes takes weeks or even months... It drive's the other half nuts!!
  2. Without having the Transitions Forum to look at over the past 6 weeks, since it's been down, he's probably had plenty of extra time to do all his physio & gym sessions... . Keep up the great work Foz!
  3. AP and Pete Jacobs used this, or something very similar, in his lead up to Pete winning Kona in 2012... It worked for him!
  4. Just say 'yes dear' and get back in your box...
  5. Just stop doing your 10km swims in the times that most people do their 10km runs, no wonder it's confused! In fact maybe just stop swimming further than most people run!!
  6. Haha... When I was running I'd wear mine out in 6-8 weeks! https://shop.hokaoneone.com.au/sale/?_ga=2.224920274.914088207.1619635466-1314592363.1619635466&_bc_fsnf=1&Mens+Sizes+(US)=9.5 (Bondi 6 Wide - $80.00 off)
  7. He missed the record by 1 second... that's unlucky. He also only just missed it by 4 seconds last year (10.12)... he deserved a better fate! Next year...? Fingers (and everything else) crossed for him!
  8. Excellent thanks, that's what I'll do then. And thanks everyone for all your advice and suggestions... see you can teach an old dog new tricks!
  9. Or, if I go with Zwift (or Rouvy, TrainerRoad, Fulgaz etc) can I just do that direct through my Laptop and don't need a phone?
  10. I can't even log into doing a biking session and you're talking about doing multiple sports... .
  11. Haha, yeah you did try to tell me that I needed to connect it via a phone of tablet. I've got a work phone, or my wife's phone. Neither are ideal for this but might have to do for now. If I go the Apple TV option, do I still need to do it through a phone or does it just connect direct to the TV?
  12. Haha yes! Anybody want to buy a cheap Wahoo Kickr? I've got access to a phone so I'll use that until I get something sorted.
  13. Can these be downloaded and run from a Laptop, or does it need to be a phone or ipad? (Believe it or not I don't actually even own my own phone )
  14. Maybe an odd Lottery Ticket every now and then... I'm too tight to waste money on betting sites. I'd rather spend the money doing stuff, going places and looking after other people.
  15. Hawaiian Airlines luggage handlers don't have a problem at all with Soft Bike Bags, in fact they love them... it's nice and easy to get a good grip on them before they fling them out of the plane and watch them slide across the tarmac!
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