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  1. Yep, that was my last event too... And it may end up being my last ever real event . I'm definitely going to be needing something to fill that void!
  2. Thoughts are with you Katz.
  3. Now that's an answer!!!
  4. Yeah, sort of... Lego pieces. Lots of them!
  5. One of my sons, who never really seemed to have that much of an interest in Lego as a kid, is now making a motza out of the current Lego craze... it's amazing what you can make money on if you have a passion and a bit of imagination.
  6. It's astounding how many satellites are up there and floating around... https://james.darpinian.com/satellites It looks like about 22 Starlink dots will be heading over the East Coast at about 5.45pm this evening. https://www.starlink.com/ Worth a look if you've got kids or are keen on this stuff. It's especially cool when you get about 60 in a row just after launch. Star gazers hate it though, too many distractions. There will be thousands of these things up there in a year or so.
  7. Kristian Blummen Fast...!
  8. After a decent sleep, and then reading a few motivational stories from other competitors, I walked out the door at 11.am this morning under pressure to complete last 11km by midday... It was probably the easiest (and quickest) 11km of the challenge, but it was definitely not a sub 4 Marathon! The 42.2kms in 42hrs was a great iso concept in that you could get out of it whatever you wanted. Well done to the organisers and to anyone who had a crack at it!
  9. Same, due to the rain last night I had a change of plans (soft). At 11.30 this morning I hadn't run a step so decided I'd go out and see how far I could go... Made it to 33km (very slowly) but was completely stuffed and sore. The last 11km tomorrow will be tough!
  10. I'm not sure if I'll make the 42km's over three days, but I reckon I'll give it a crack. I've got a 5.5km lap around a lake near my place so might try and do 4 laps (22km's) on Friday night, then whatever laps I can handle over the rest of the weekend. Thanks for the link Toolish, and the race plan GregB. I'd seen it on FB a few times over the past week or so but wasn't all that motivated to give it a go... until now! Transitions comes through with the goods again!! PS - I have no interest in doing it for the Medal or the T-Shirt, but reckon that's a great concept too!
  11. Hahaha... Me neither, yet I read through the thread with much interest. Would be good to hear what you come up with .
  12. Me too, and I also can't stand Crunchie! As a kid I used to love chocolate and Chocolate Easter Eggs in particular. I used to save my favourite eggs, and invariably did such a good job that the chocolate would turn white and flaky, and invariably it would be barely edible by the time I ate them... but it was great! Now days, when asked what my favourite eggs are I'm more likely to say 'scrambled or fried'!
  13. You're a champion bloke Clappers, and are no doubt feeling this more than most others. Running and tri training is a relief that many of us need. Racing is an opportunity to catch up with others, test ourselves, let our hair down and is a welcome distraction that takes us away from the worries of the world even for just a little while. Keep training, keep positive, and one day when this whole mess settles down a bit, either at an event or not, we'll catch up for a run and a chat. See you there!
  14. Don't wreck this thread too. Not aimed at you BB or anyone in particular... I just don't want to see this thread turn into another Corona thread bombshell!
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