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  1. TrinewB happy to factor it in and happy to come along to the race and help out with pre-race routine...
  2. Hi All, I have put details of a AG triathlon camp we are delighted to announce on the Tri trade forum page We've been proud to deliver the following great results to our elite team members over the past 4 yrs and offer some of this insight for the first time: Olympic medalist, 5 overall world series medalists, 3 world sprint champions in a row, 19 world series podiums, 5 more world cup podiums, 7 x IM 70.3 podiums and debute 8:18 IM athlete There will be only one opportunity in Oz this year.
  3. I am pleased to announce a triathlon training camp for determined athletes through tridynamics, coachdaz and Dsquad. It will be the only camp we run in 2013 in Australia and it will be the most interactive and educational camp offered world wide to date. Check out the details at http://www.tridynamic.co.uk/events_more.asp?eventType=1&eventID=60
  4. Hi All, A short note to explore any interest in attending a training seminar (could be anywhere) or camp (in Canberra, where D squad are based) sometime between January and April 2013. Long course wise we have 4 athletes here right now in Sedona training for Hawaii IM; 3 of whom are legitimate contenders; and most will know that I had 6 athletes racing at the London games in August two of whom are gunning for WTS overall podium positions this year. If you haven't heard of our group, we've had a little coverage elsewhere here on transitions...and I put in one or two bits and bobs on tra
  5. Ha, think I am the one you refer to who was approached but was not interested...never been approached Ken, quite the opposite I would say. Not complaining, just getting the facts right for you. best, daz
  6. Hi, few answers: Ironpo..well part of my remit was to upskill the coaches who were in charge so i did a good job on that..mixture between first time olympic coaches to very experienced guys, so we had dry runs at Hamburg where i totally handed the athletes over, and I formed a good relationship w all the federation coaches...given that I produce the athlete results and with my profile, we didn't have any issues, they were all helpful. We also had uk mobiles and our entire Dsquad team ready at a moments notice (like the swat team) if there was an issue. Cannastar-very different from normal, e
  7. Greetings trannies from Sedona, Arizona where we are back at work looking ahead to 70.3 worlds, des moines, further WTS races and hawaii IM. I was delighted when I logged on to see this posting. Thanks indeed, I was proud of the entire team of staff and athletes. The olympics as always were a mixed bag, and always will be when you have 6 athletes racing. From the highs of lisa and sarah delivering outstanding race performances, to the lows then subsequent pride of a high profile athlete taking down two of my athletes in a crash (suggestions of poor tyre choices and lack of specific practise w
  8. Some suggestions for the poor kickers on the forum: 1. work on your plantarflexion..(toe pointing) - massage tibialis anterior (front of lower leg), sit on feet in front of telly etc to get more range 2. point your toes - pigeon toe like so that the big does basically touch each other as you kick 3. keep your hips up and loose (stretch if you have a tight lower back) 4. kick from your hip-soccer kick like and not your knee 5. keep the feet bubbling below the surface - kicking air does nothing other than increase drag to slow you down! and if all that fails stick two pool bouys betw
  9. Heh again from Swtizerland. Four weeks and bit to go... I am putting a proposal together for a book I am writing so this is terrific and i am turning my original post into an example chapter, so all these questions are brilliant. lets have a crack at a few bits and pieces: Thommo- our man Fluoro was right onto it...I do a test where for a set distance and same time; we take stroke numbers of athletes (per25 or 50) in 1. pull + light kick, 2. pull +band, 3. band only, then the same with paddles added. We can work out aspect of strengths (ie as we tie up the lower half of body then we would ex
  10. Glad it was of some use. The customer..spot on with your explanation to Mick; ex-hasbeen: in the pool we see the front person of a pack is actually slowed down marginally...wave drag is the issue. Up to a second per 100 is what my athletes tell me (did I say complain).. Mick (coach@triathlon)...I spoke with the Oz slalom canoe coach and former 10 time world champ yrs ago and they have the same problems with the paddle in the eddies around rocks...tricky business getting 'genuine purchase' in turbulent water. I'm pretty busy up to the big dance in London, but if Mick wants to compile a few que
  11. I recently got asked for an interview for a US tri mag on how I improve my athletes in the OW, and after spending a decent amount of time answering and submitting the information I was told it was not longer needed. Rather than file it away, or keep it all to myself, I figured someone out there might get something out of it. I am an Ozzie, and all the those athletes highlighted in the article are or have trained in Oz also. Best regards from the Swiss Mtns, Darren Smith General Info: How long have you been a tri coach? I coached my first international athlete in 1993, but got really serio
  12. Hello everyone, I heard from a colleague that my name was mentioned in an interesting discussion on coaching etc on this forum. I don't normally involve myself because I like peace and quiet, but there are a few points I should bring up that would clarify things. I am pretty frank by nature so I hope I don't insult anyone, it is not intentional. I am not 'lost' to the ozzie system, as I currently work with two ozzie athletes, junior michael gossman who will rep OZ at the 2010 youth olympics, and dave matthews who did his first WCS race last weekend (yes, not a great outcome, but he is st
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