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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MOQZXjO570&feature=related
  2. Don't be so sure they weren't caused by EPO. Italian football players, suddenly having heart attacks hmmm...
  3. Nevermind Carfare, what about the Swiss Miss?
  4. And is it unlike Macca to be playing it up???
  5. I think he liked that!
  6. Getting to the start is half the battle, getting to the finish line is another, having the day go perfectly to plan is a rare thing. In a day event, there are so many thing and situations that can destroy your race, avoiding all of them and racing to you true potential and getting a top results is getting what you deserve. BUT you gotta cover every base. Insert Al Pitman
  7. We could have ran further up Settlement point like previous years (not that I like running down there)
  8. The TA stab was a bit of a joke going off what was said at the Carbo dinner (hadd to be there joke) Secondly, the drafting that was allowed by 90% of TO's was about the 8m mark from which I observed throughout the day (in amazement) especially after the old 12m foot stamp at the carbo dinner but continued to stay legal in my opinion. I even got a thumbs up from one as I dropped back to about 10m. Closer than the incident in which I got pinned. How do expect all TO's to interpret identical? The same way we do, by the rules. Making a call from 300m away about the distance I dropped back
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