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  1. Saw a Tooheys Blue Tri at sanctuary cove once it was something different for an afternoon out but reckon it would have been lonely if they had charged admission.
  2. I just compare the hours as distance is no use - you know how hard you have been working (a hard hour = a hard hour, 20 min spent at the cafe = 20 min watching the view or your mates fall off (if you don't do it at least once a day yourself then you aren't really trying) )
  3. Tired

    IM Tattoos

    Time to change hands
  4. Now if they could get the skateboard riders with no lights off Old Cleveland Rd late at night
  5. Tired

    IM Tattoos

    Adornments to indicate status: 1. a wedding ring (because without it I'd be 1b. single again ) if I added any sort of tri-trash-tat - see #1b.
  6. +1 one for whatever fits + a headsweats shame they stopped making the flame job ones though
  7. http://firstoffthebi...for-an-ironman/ um, not if you go 3:50
  8. Stash the bike box behind a tree and ride
  9. The tide may be coming in but this is a river so the current could well be going out (just not as fast as it does as the tide falls), or at least the "inward current" on the flood tide is much less then the "outward current" on the ebb tide.
  10. Tired

    Noosa Tri 2013

    There will be spots released to the wait for a veriety of reasons list eg: xx spots are held aside for "Legends Club" members who have until march 2013 to accept (& pay for) their places. And re all the accom posts - you should see how many ccamper vans joined us in Noosa Woods on Sat night - no min nights booking (no hot water or aircon either)
  11. Tired

    Mooloolaba 70.3??

    Hervey Bay 100. 1/2 the entry fee, 1/3 the accom, 2* the friendly, hard to say how much nicer the course is - it just is (Mool OD is boring & contrived enough) Tell WTC (USM div.) to run a full IM on the Sunny Coast or not to bother at all.
  12. Tired

    Noosa Tri 2013

    I'm too broke after the weekend, have to wait a bit and chance it
  13. And now (according to facebook) I get a free hat What is the weather forcast like?
  14. Tired


    and have them correct your style as they go by were u the AG'r who told her where to go when racking her bike?
  15. those of us with furry arms might dissagree with you there - put them and they stick to the hair causing discomfort untill you can get them off (Jiff works) and the hair makes them hard to read as well - so once again - fail. - works ok on the juveniles that do the ITU races though.
  16. They are often just not that good at it......
  17. So who still has fluro racing briefs and oakley's to match? Stack hat & steel bike with toe straps perhaps? Obviously no "tri" wetsuits. USM have set the challenge - I was kust wondering...
  18. Extra stress on the drive side of rear triangle from chain "pulling" on one end of axle will exasperate the situation on one side
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