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  1. jose

    Mental attitude

    Beyond mental toughness and genetics is want. Ive stated on here before that i have no want at all to do an Ironman and tere were some who understood and some who said "that i protest to much". I love triathlons,I love watching Ironman, but I cant imagine wanting to do one. Its just not something that interests me. Do i have the "genetics" probably,I think if i trained i could do a Ironman in 12 hours or there abouts,do I have the "mental toughness" yep,ive never not achieved something ive wanted to do. Its the "want" thats missing.
  2. Ratty no more riding in 27 degree heat for you mate...strangest topic ever!!
  3. jose

    corona long course

    i dont prefer either...i prefer a proper beer when i decide to down the hated brown stuff. Corona is not even popular in mexico!!
  4. heres the story HERE!!
  5. Mate where is your rest day? You need to give your young body a chance to recover. Dont put limitations on yourself and have an open mind,youve no idea of the potential inside yourself yet so always think positively about what may be. Aim for the stars mate.
  6. a liitle taste of things to come p.s sorry if its been put up b4 but i like it
  7. youll be right,afterall they makem penicilin from mould
  8. boys im in Melbourne,can someone post a link to the article please?
  9. what time is Giii in there? I must of missed him
  10. Im down for the sprint at Sandy,looking forward to it!
  11. RMIT study is released very soon,ill reserve judgement til then
  12. good work Giiiiii!!!! more pics please bandit!! god i hope someone videoed this!!
  13. Tony your sense making is scaring me! Lovely to finish the thread in agreeance,definitely a glaring omission!! Yep love sport and speaking of that its time to go ride my bike
  14. on the awards itself,where the F was Cameron Meyers nomination?
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