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  1. Rob

    Zwift Cheating

    I have a relatively high FTP. Can time trial and climb really well, but have no top end power. Have never cracked 1,000 watts. Wouldn't matter what power I averaged in a Crit, I would never do well in a bunch sprint.
  2. Rob

    2020 Discount Codes.

    Did the same a week ago. Ordered it on Saturday, was delivered to my door on Monday
  3. I'm surprised you struggle with energy in fluid form. Are you sure the problem wasn't ingredient based, like fructose?
  4. Rob

    Zwift Cheating

    Middle aged men on bikes. Closest we get to anything resembling fashion is arguing about sock length.
  5. Rob

    Zwift Cheating

    Bald and wear a bandanna under my helmet (nothing like helmet vent shaped sunburn), but I'm not fat (yet)
  6. Been a lot written on Slowtwitch about tubeless. Seems they have only just very recently agreed on standards. So lots of issues with the size of rims and tyre beads. Hopefully going forward we will start to see less issues. I'm probably at least 12 months away from upgrading (by then my tri bike will be 10 years old). I want to go tubeless, but only if most of the issues have been resolved. Main problem I'm hearing at the moment: - either the tyre is easy is to get on or off (loose fit), but cannot be inflated with a track pump. - or easily inflated but a bitch to get on
  7. Rob

    Zwift Cheating

    Yeah I struggle on the Wed NRR if my Tue training session was too hard. Maybe I've been lucky. Ridden with the NRR well over 100 times and only seen 3 crashes. All were single rider incidents, none were serious (ie. rider got back on bike).
  8. One thing I've noticed during Trump's reign is the reluctance of the opposition to give credit to anything Trump has achieved. I am anti-Trump, but he has had numerous wins during the last 4 years. By not acknowledging this, you simply play into the hands of people like Iron Jimbo.
  9. Rob

    Zwift Cheating

    I think of the NRR standing for North Road Ride. Maybe you're referring to something different. I only do the 'long' Wednesday version up to Mt Eliza. Possibly the shorter version is different. I've never seen you on the long Wednesday NRR. Yes there are riders in the NRR who never race, but they would account for less than 30% of the group. Of the 40 to 50 people I know who ride in the NRR, only 2 don't race and I haven't seen them in the group for a few years now. I know of a couple of NRR cyclists who progressed to Domestic Pros and are now riding Internationally. Maybe you
  10. I'm a little confused as well. Maybe I'm ignorant, but I would have thought the low GI carbs would be more complex and therefore require more digestive effort. Something that is not going to happen when exercising at a reasonable level. Something like sucrose is very high GI. Dextrose is only a touch better. Generally suited to short events (ie. 90 min to 2 hours) where the energy crash happens after the finish line. I thought Maltodrexin was popular in sports energy gels/bars/drinks because it was not as high GI as Sucrose or Dextrose, but still easy to digest (for most). A m
  11. I typically switch to a running focus in the off-season. Unlike cycling, not as miserable to do in bad weather. 5 to 6 hours is big running week for me, but mentally much easier than the 10 to 15 hours of Triathlon training. So I get that mental break, but maintain decent fitness.
  12. I was just trying to put the comment into perspective. Would be relevant if you were doing 2 Ironman events every year (like AP did). But I don't think the advice works universally. There are numerous athletes in my club that love maintaining a high level of training all year (and some of them never do Ironman). Plenty of others (like me) that need a break (physically and mentally).
  13. I think that is very relative to the Individual. Also dependent on your interpretation on 'do'. I could complete a Full Ironman (well within the cutoff) any day of the week (would be horrible and extremely unenjoyable). But I would only consider myself in good enough condition to 'do' an HIM for about 3 months of the year. My definition of 'enough shape to do' would be within 10 to 15 mins of my PB.
  14. Agree with nearly all of the above. For me, I like to have some kind of event every 6 to 8 weeks. I typically back off the swimming and riding and concentrate more on running. So 10km or Half Marathon Fun Runs, Trail Running Races, even Park Runs. Helps keep me interested in the training (even though I'm training much less). But important to not do overdo it. You want to start the 'real' training feeling fresh. Should be eager to get back to the long rides, etc.
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