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  1. James works with us at Scientific Triathlon, great bloke. My understanding is that he had gone the wrong way before what you see in this video (50m before finish chute), then this happened after the other athlete had caught up due to that. In any case, a nice gesture by the other athlete and really did it because he thought it was right thing to do as I think we can safely assume he wouldn’t have expected to become a viral hit
  2. Gave the Addidas Adizero Pro a go. Carbon plate but not the stack height/softness of the Uber shoes (and their new Adios Adizero Pro that is released this week I think)
  3. To be fair, the added beach run to T1 did me in.. last 12-13km was pretty much an Ironman shuffle. Actually, legs never felt that beat up in an Ironman 😂. 100k running total in last 8 weeks + picking ‘fast’ shoes over comfort/support never gonna help the cause but a smile on my face for at least banking one after a long hiatus (although never fun going 5th to 7th in last few km!)
  4. I thought that was the rule that’s in place, e.g. if go back to AG, then can’t race pro in that license year (July-June)
  5. Agree there should be ‘open’ for going up but going back to AG should be zero issue. I work circa. 40hr/week but just race in pro field, what diff. would it be if I went back and won 25-29? (not saying I would win, but you get the point)
  6. Jeez, all those crap races over the years really catch up with you 😂. I’m in for first long course race/first proper race in nearly two years. Unfortunately battling an unknown groin issue, but given this + cairns will be only races till next year am going to have a go regardless. Lots changed in last two years, now being self employed and working full-time as opposed to working ‘easy’ part-time jobs, so will be out there enjoying the day and the challenge regardless of result
  7. Rainbow Beach double tri weekend just gone. Shouldn’t have really raced with yet to be diagnosed hip issue meaning I can’t really run, but didn’t think we’d get another chance for a while... Although, did get email from Ironman Pro Services last night indicating they are still pushing for Sunny Coast.. luckily it’s 2km down the road so I can decide the day before if need be
  8. Parlee TTiR w. Parcours Chrono wheelset, Infocrank and Ultegra Di2 Parlee Altum Disc w. Parcours Grimpeur, SRM and Ultegra Di2
  9. lachie94

    Port Mac

    Of course not.. But, perhaps controversially, I’d always choose a twix
  10. lachie94

    Port Mac

    So are snickers
  11. lachie94

    Port Mac

    “Healthy” lol.
  12. Would imagine the people:space ratio at Noosa would make it v. difficult to create a ‘COVID safe plan’ unless split it over two days?
  13. lachie94

    Port Photos

    Hopeful to be back there this year after a near two year hiatus!
  14. lachie94

    Lab testing

    Look for a good quality metabolic cart + experienced people - e.g. a university (probably hard in Covid times). Seen plenty of tests with crap data where athletes could have saved a lot of time + money. Also, be clear on the testing protocol you want to use dependent on what you’re trying to achieve.. e.g. don’t get talked into 2-3’ steps for lactate testing.
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