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  1. Nealo - Use by Date is 04/09/13, so theres still 6 months to use it (realistically about 12months). Will drop you a private message.
  2. 2012/2013 SRAM Red Double Tap Shifters/Levers, Brand New in Box $400 Sold Hammer Nutrition Gel Jug - Huckleberry Flavour (Equivalent to 26 Gels) $10 (0.57c a Gel) Sold New Era New York Yankees Flat Peak. Size 57.7cm Brand New, Never Worn (Doesn't fit my head) $15 Shoes: K-Swiss K-Ruuz, Size 11 Never Ran in, don't fit my foot as Im a size 10) $30Sold
  3. Just bumping this guys, willing to sell for $400 plus postage.
  4. Will take some offer on the items as well.
  5. Hi Guys, I have a few items I need to get rid of; Book: The Perfect Distance: Training for Long Course Triathlon by Tom Rogers ("Like New" Condition) $5 Book: Be Iron Fit by Don Kink $5 ("Like New" Condition) Fizik Saddle Pa:k (Bag) $15ea (I have 1 Medium and 1 Small, both Brand New & Unused) Selle Italia SL Road Saddle $15 Sold Few more items Below. Drop me a PM if interested in Anything. I may have some more things to come. Buyers to cover postage, which can be calculated before buying
  6. All depends on weight of rider, objective of ride, gradient and length of climb. If you are not going to be smacking it on the down hills and pushing the pedals, you won't need an 11, stick to a 12 and try and get some mid range gears to keep your cadence smooth. Both SRAM and Shimano have different ratios dependent on the model cassette you are looking at. Its also worth looking at what gear you are predomiately using to make sure you buy a cassette with that gear and with gears around it that don't jump a couple of teeth. Compact cranks are not really worth the money these days,
  7. I have a 2010 White Argon E114 Frame for $1000 with shifters & brakes, no cranks, derailers or wheels. I am 180cm
  8. The bike should generally have a serial number, which will then dictate the warranty.
  9. Blair, Are these what you are referring too? http://www.ribblecycles.co.uk/sp/road-track-bike/sram-sram-gearshift-sti-ergo-sram-red-shift-brake-levers-10-speed-with-cables/sramgrss200000000000 If so, the are not the one's I am selling, they are the old version of SRAM Red, hence their price, please actually take a moment to have a look at the link I provided before making the call of expecting to receive 50% of what I am already asking and that I am quoting the RRP wrong. The RRP is from SRAM, so i am unaware how the manufactures RRP is wrong? isnt that what an RRP is? And FYI they
  10. Yep, the newies, as per link provided.
  11. I think you will find that $478 will be for the previous 2011 version of SRAM RED Shifters/Levers. $480 is well below price for the 2012 version. But if you can point me into the direction where they are $480, i'd consider buying some!
  12. Hey Guys, I have a pair of brand new, unopened, unused pair of 2012 SRAM Red Levers. The RRP is US$639 Selling for AU$550 with buyer to cover postage (calculated after, can do any type of postage that is requested) For more info on them, have a look at; http://www.sram.com/...ath/term-id/502
  13. Hey guys, Just looking at some Accommodation for Husky in Feb. Anybody have any recommendations or good experience with any places?
  14. Sorry about the late reply... They are the 5600 model
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