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  1. Sure, here are a couple I've just found online. I'm not sure how relevant they are, but I know practising helped me feel less nervous when faced with the actual assessments. PS I'm pretty sure you've reached the next round for more reasons than just being a local. Good luck! https://www.psychometricinstitute.com.au/pre_employment_testing_practice.html https://www.wikijob.co.uk/aptitude-tests-home
  2. Kieran, while you can't study for these, there are a few free practice assessments online. These can help you prepare for timed assessments without panicking about the clock counting down. It also gives an understanding of how the questions are generally structured, especially numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, etc.
  3. While Cogsucker won't win the tipping contest because Froome isn't in his team, Cogsucker certainly can claim the moral victory this year
  4. This afternoon we went to a service for a 17-year-old girl who took her own life last week. Sadly, no-one saw this coming and it has rocked her family, friends, school and wider community. As beautiful as the ceremony was in celebration of her short life , it still won’t take away the pain for her loved ones. I guess we all just have to look out for each other as best we can and not be afraid to speak up if we are struggling. I certainly hugged my own daughter a little more tightly today.
  5. FFF1077, that is such a terrible tragedy, my thoughts are with you all. I'm sure there are many others on here who don't know what to say to you at this time, but nevertheless are thinking of you. Take care.
  6. Finally finished the half..... Did I hear somebody say something about getting the result you deserve ? The sun has just set on another beautiful day in Port. Wouldn't be dead for quids (even though I wanted to be put out of my mysery earlier today).
  7. Have you tried separating the data by using "Text to Columns", fixed width, and separating it into three columns? You can then sort by year, Term and then number, which will give you consecutive numbers for the last column. This should prevent your data presenting as ... 1, 12, 13, etc. If you need to consolidate the data back into one column then use "&" between each cell reference to bring the three columns back into one. eg. =+G6&H6&I6 ..... however, it's highly likely that I'm completely wrong
  8. No matter what you wear and how much money you spend, whatever you do, don't mention you work in HR
  9. If the job is posted in SEEK, you can send a single email via SEEK and check the names of those you wish to send the message to. I find it an easy way to acknowledge the unsuccessful applicants and it only takes a couple of minutes.
  10. Catcam


    When I was notified in July that I would be made redundant in November, I was pretty worried that I may not find another job at any level. I was concerned that at my age I might have reached my use by date for prospective employers. Fortunately, it did give me enough time to look around while still drawing an income. I've watched over 120 employees be shown the door over the last few months and just about all of them have now fallen on their feet, plus have pocketed extra cash from the redundancy. I finished up yesterday with a very decent payout and, after a one day break, I start a
  11. Catcam


    Turtle, I should have said at the outset that I'm sorry to hear that they've notified you of the redundancy. No matter what the ultimate outcome is, and I hope it is a positive one for you, it is a really difficult time. I really hate the level of distress caused to people by redundancy, especially when it is done badly. I'm in an organisation with ruthless decision makers and I've never seen anything quite as brutal (and sometimes farcical) as the current restructure being undertaken. My role will be redundant once I've finished doing their dirty work in a few weeks, and I can't wait t
  12. Catcam


    Turtle, there are plenty of articles available if you search "genuine redundancy", in particular "redeployment". If you're not redeployed to one of the new jobs, you'd be entitled to your redundancy payment, but I'd be looking at an unfair dismissal claim as well. The text below is taken from this link: http://www.holdingredlich.com/workplace-relations-safety/do-employers-have-an-obligation-to-redeploy-redundant-workers-to-a-related-entity How to make sure a redundant person is exempt from bringing an unfair dismissal claim If an employer makes a person redundant, it is important to en
  13. Definitely. I picked two of the one's in the nice blue colour, one because he has a cute name and the remainder to get as close to 100 points as I could. I picked Pinot in Le Tour, not because I'd ever heard of him, but because I'm partial to a nice drop. That strategy saw me beat half the Tranny field in Le Tour, so I'm hoping it brings me at least moderate success again!
  14. I'd like to think that I'm rewarded for work that is interesting, challenging, in a flexible workplace and where there is respect for what I (and others) contribute. The reality is right now that only the "challenging" box is ticked. Fingers crossed that my next job ticks more than one box!
  15. The video is brilliant - I'll be sharing it with my soccer playing daughter. I'm a big fan of women's soccer and we're really enjoying watching the games and highlights in my household. My daughter even got up at 2:45am on Monday to watch the Aus-Brasil game live. If Netherlands win today, she'll have both her NL and AUS training jackets ready to watch the next game and change from one to the other depending who is winning! I don't expect most people here to understand how big an achievement it is for the Aus team to have done so well. I'm a fan!
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